Une entreprise en démarrage de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard s’intéresse aux risques des perçages

Norman a appelé son ami Mark Nathan, un cardiologue.

Assessment of the neuroprotective effects of a novel natural product derived formulation in a rodent model of Parkinson’s disease

A number of natural products including ginseng, green tea catechins and the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA display neurosupportive and neuroprotective qualities. These bioactive compounds may be useful in preventing various forms of neuronal cell loss, including the degeneration observed in Parkinson’s disease.

Cardiovascular function, inflammation, and exercise: potential role of anti inflammatory supplementation to optimize health and performance

Additional research is required to fully understand the effects of a powerful antioxidant Curcumin on the short and long term impact of exercise. Previous studies have demonstrated other antioxidants can potentially slow recovery and reduce benefits of exercise. However, there is lacking information regarding the effects of Curcumin on cardiovascular health and exercise performance.