Development and Validation of the Next GenerationSimulation Platform for High-Rise Buildings

Recent years have witnessed a boom in the construction of modern high-rise buildings in megacities around the world. It is important to design a high-rise building that can effectively withstand both wind and earthquake loads. Nonetheless, in current practice, the design of high-rise buildings for wind and earthquakes is done independently. Hence, there is an urgent need to develop a set of integrated design guidelines for both wind and earthquake loads.

Prevention of hepatitis C virus (HCV) re-infection after liver transplantation

Over 170 million persons worldwide are chronically infected by hepatitis C virus (HCV), leading to endstage liver disease and cancer. HCV is the single most common indication for liver transplantation in Canada and the rest of the Western world. After transplant, HCV re-infection is universal and is the chief cause of graft loss. Treatment of post-transplant recurrent HCV is more difficult than pretransplant, with lower response rates that partly reflect the effects of immunosuppression.We propose that the ideal management of post-transplant HCV is its prevention.

Investigating the empowerment of teachers and studentsat Northern Canadian schools throughtelecommunication technology

The proposed research project investigates how the Telepresence technology (Connected North) has an impact on Northern students’ and teachers’ educational experience. Our goal is to assess the impact of its implementation within three contexts: connecting students to students, connecting students to experts, and connecting teachers to teachers. To this end, we will administer questionnaires to teachers and students before and after the introduction of the technology, as well as compare groups who experience versus do not experience the technology for a particular curriculum unit.

A wireless headset for power-aware EEG/non-EEG signals processing and seizure warning

Epilepsy is a debilitating neurological disorder affecting approximately 50 million people worldwide (World Health Organization). This project proposes to develop a SMART (Seizure Monitoring At the Right Time) Headset for these patients to monitor their brain signal and track their movements, heart rates and breathing patterns. This headset will have new types of sensors suitable for long term usage and sleep.

Numerical and Empirical Investigations of Hot Embossing for Scalable Hot Embossing of Customized Microfludiic Devices

Microfluidic devices (MFDs) are microchips for handling liquids in channels smaller than the width of a human hair allowing reduced consumption of reagents and integration with biosensors. The microfluidics market for biodiagnostics and pharmaceuticals was valued at $1.59 billion igrowing (Markets and Markets, 2013) . Traditional methods of manufacturing MFDs are too slow and costly to meet the demands of a growing market. A need for rapid prototyping and scalable production is indicated.

Assessing the Effectiveness of Knewton's Adaptive Learning Technology Year Two

I will be involved in two different projects with Pearson Education, 1) evaluate Knewton’s adaptive learningtechnology, and 2) assess the efficacy and improve the quality of the existing assessment tools and items. My proposalwill focus on the first project.The goal of the project is to evaluate the effectiveness and pedagogical values of Knewton’s adaptive learningtechnology, a technology meant to differentially help students depending on their needs.

Composite and foam profiles for building and construction industry: modification of the products and existing extrusion processes

Vision Extrusions Group Ltd. is a recognized leader in the building products industry. They produce a wide range of products (as shown in Figure 1) including windows, doors, decks, fences, etc. utilizing extruded polymeric profiles as a substitute for wood. In the proposed project, the following objectives have been set by the partner organization to improve the quality and reduce the cost of their products:

Collocation-focused Writing Assistance for Adult Non-Native Writers Year Two

The project will research software for providing writing assistance to adult non-native writers in post-secondary education and corporate settings. Of particular interest is encouraging writers to employ a wider range of linguistic constructions, while avoiding repetitive, dull choices or language that is inappropriate to the local context or the genre of the text in question.

Building Worlds: A Critical History of Contemporary Chinese Photography

As a cultural historian, my research examines the history of contemporary Chinese photography, photo theory, and the intellectual and cultural politics of contemporary China. Through a detailed examination of numerous art, photography, and academic journals, along with exhibition catalogues and archival material from artists, my research seeks to analyse the historical and intellectual roots of a critical photographic practice in contemporary China.

Unpublished Works for Cello Solo of the Mexican Avant-garde

My research project into Mexican Avant-garde music for solo cello (written between 1962 and 2012) attempts to define and evaluate what Mexican Cello Solo Music is and how it has evolved over the years to the point of exerting a significant influence on the universal cello solo repertoire. (This discipline belongs to a category of understudied fields and so far has no available literature on the subject) I have been privileged to discover these new works (approximately 20 pieces in all) many of which have yet to be published, or for that matter, adequately exposed to the public.