Closing the Gap of Write- vs. Read-intensive Data Stores Using SSDs

In this project, new storage approaches for big data will be explored. Key point is the efficient use of modern hardware, especially modern storage technology such as SSDs. These new technologies have highly improved performance in comparison to traditional hardware. However, classical data structures and algorithms can not directly be applied due to the different characteristics of these devices. Also, the high cost of the new technology makes their exclusive use uneconomical in many cases.

Development and Evaluation of a Life Threatening Illness Point-of-Care Triage Test for the Fionet System

Building on our previous research and POC test prototype development, our goals for the project are to: 1) to confirm and further validate the association of altered levels of endothelial biomarkers with disease severity and mortality outcomes from LTIs in large patient populations in two settings, and 2) develop a rapid POC triage test for their detection at the bedside.

Product Development Specialist - Biomaterial commercialisation for neurosurgery applications

To date, the Shoichet laboratory has focused on a material which incorporates both a therapeutic and HAMC however, combining these elements complicates the commercialization. From the published literature we have a good indication that HAMC could be beneficial if delivered without an additional therapeutic. Two reports investigating delivery of HAMC alone have shown beneficial effects (a,b). These two reports used intrathecal delivery of HAMC to the spinal cord and observed dural healing in addition to reduced inflammation.

Assessing the Effectiveness of Knewton's Adaptive Learning Technology

The goal of the project is to evaluate the pedagogical impact of Pearson’s Knewton-enhanced MyLab products in comparison to their regular MyLab products. Our focus will be on Knewton-enhanced MyMathLab and MyStatsLab. This project will deploy Knewton’s adaptive learning technology in our Data Analysis in Psychology course, a course dominated by second year students (approximately 90%). The course is a requirement for all Psychology students and offered every Fall semester. The assessment will occur in Fall 2013 and will provide data from over 300 students.

Collocation-focused Writing Assistance for Adult Non-Native Writers

The goal of this project is to conduct research into the development of writing assistance software for advanced adult non-native writers of English. I intend to approach the project in as language-general a way as possible so that the method can be easily extended to French. At the end of the project we expect to have prototype software that can do the following:

1. Build a lexicon of good (native English) collocations from a large internet corpus

2. Distinguish native and non-native texts based on the presence or absence of these collocations

Error Resilient Communication and Processing Techniques for Streaming Data

In this project, I focus on low-delay error correction codes for streaming data at the application layer (c.f. Figure 1). Forward error correction codes designed for streaming sources require that (a) the channel input stream be produced sequentially from the source stream (b) the decoder sequentially reconsructs the source stream as it observes the channel output. Naturally both the optimal structure and the fundamental limits of streaming codes are expected to be different from classical error correction codes.

Agents and processes for forward osmosisDevelopment of a vigilance monitoring systems for drivers, using the electrical activities of the brain

The goal of this project is to design a monitoring system which continuously observes the driver's cognitive state and provides a realtime feedback for the driver regarding his/her mental state and vigilance level, as described in the “Background Information” section. Studies in [5-9] have examined the changes in the theta, alpha, and beta EEG rhythms during different driving tasks and have shown a significant correlation between the changes in spectral power of EEG signals and the driver's workload and fatigue level.

Opennes in design, developent and digital literacy programs in Mozilla

Mozilla is a software development organization known internationlly for the open source Firefox web browser. This Mitacs Elevate postdoctoral fellowship aims to extend the Mozilla mandate for openness into the realm of digital literacy programs for youth. Mozilla has begun to develop collaborations known as Hive Networks involving libraries, museums, and other organizations. The Hive Network members strive to scaffold digital literacy into their programming and allow the youth to determine their own learning directions.

Role of nocturnal fluid redistribution in the pathogenesis of sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a common respiratory disorder among adult population; it is more probable among men and patients with fluid retaining conditions such as heart failure (HF) where it increases the mortality risk. Therefore, it is important to develop new treatments for sleep apnea. We have proposed that fluid which is accumulated in the legs during day moves towards the head when lying down to sleep and accumulates in the neck or lung; which could be a major contributor to the development of sleep apnea. Therefore, we aim to determine whether:

"Maximizing Benefit from Hearing Technologies for Persons with Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease *Renewal, previous title ""Maximizing Benefit from Hearing Technologies for Persons with Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease Year One"""

There is a strong connection between hearing loss and cognitive impairment, particularly dementia, in old age. The number of Canadians with dementia is expected to reach 9% of adults over the age of 60 by 2038. Given the high percentage of older individuals affected by each of these conditions, it is expected that many older adults will have dual hearing and cognitive loss, and that these losses will combine to affect their everyday functioning, communication, social engagement and quality of life.