Harmonic output power control in non-linear transmission line based RFID system

Current RFID tags process reveals that it is impossible to set the cost per tag to less than 5 cents. Similarly, area is a precious quantity. Much of the area in a tag is used by digital logic and capacitors. Merely adding more area is not a sustainable solution. This project will help the community to decrease the cost per tag to less than 5 cents as expected with much more compactness as compared to available tags.
The partner will benefit from the research by collaborating with one of the top research labs in the field. He will work directly with the intern, an expert in the field, who may be a future job applicant to the company. The partner will also benefit from ownership of the intellectual property created in this collaboration. It will be beneficial for the partner to utilize the developed approach in their future RFID tags design with low cost production technique.

MuhibUr Rahman
Superviseur universitaire: 
Ke Wu
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