The Mitacs Globalink Partnership Award supports research collaborations between graduate students at Canadian universities and international industry partners. The award is open to graduate students in all disciplines at Mitacs Full and Associate Partner universities and for-profit companies in any country (except the United States). Applications are accepted any time.

The Globalink Partnership Award provides:

  • An opportunity for Canadian researchers to connect with global industry. International universities and faculty members can also participate.
  • International research experience for the participating student, who undertakes a 16- to 24-week research project at the industry partner’s offices or facilities (and applicable participating universities)
  • A $15,000 research grant in the Canadian professor’s name to support student travel and accommodation expenses, research-related expenses, and student stipend. 

Mitacs strives to ensure that award recipients have a high-quality research experience with internationally recognized industry partners who facilitate learning and provide hands-on training in students’ field of study.

Applicants are responsible for developing a research project proposal, which they must submit via a Mitacs Business Development representative.

Applications are accepted any time — applicants are encouraged to apply at least 12 weeks prior to project start date to ensure time for adjudication, filing of appropriate documentation, and travel and accommodation arrangements.

Application package

*These forms can be submitted after the submission of the proposal; however, funds will not be released until Mitacs receives these forms.

How to apply

  1. Develop a research project proposal with all identified partners
  2. Review eligibility and award guidelines
  3. Collect all required signatures: student, Canadian professor, international industry partner, international professor (if applicable) and appropriate university office(s). Contact Mitacs at international(at) if you require clarification.
  4. Submit the completed proposal (in Word format) by email to your Mitacs Business Development representative
  5. Consult with your university’s international office to determine any requirements for international travel and research abroad

Travel to the destination is not permitted prior to the approval of the award AND Mitacs’ receipt of the International Pre-departure and Student Code of Conduct and Ethics forms. Neither Mitacs nor its international partners are responsible for costs incurred before a proposal is approved.

What happens next

  1. Mitacs contacts participants about their proposal outcome approximately 6–8 weeks after the proposal submission
  2. The industry partner forwards its $7,500 contribution to Mitacs
  3. The student provides the completed Mitacs Code of Conduct and Ethics and International Pre-departure forms to Mitacs
  4. Mitacs forwards the $15,000 award as a research grant to the Canadian university’s Office of Research Services
  5. The student departs to the destination and begins the research project. At least 25% of the project must be spent at the Canadian university. 


  • Cannot undertake a research project in a country where they hold citizenship (unless they are a permanent resident or citizen of Canada)
  • Must be registered for full-time graduate studies at a Mitacs Full or Associate Partner university and remain as such throughout the award
  • Must be the legal age of majority in Canada (18 years of age or older)
  • Must meet travel requirements for their intended destination, including visa and/or immigration requirements and associated documentation
  • Must spend at least 25% of the project at the Canadian university
  • Cannot hold more than one Globalink Partnership Award per academic lifetime

Professors in Canada

International industry partners

  • Must be a for-profit company with an office or facility where the student can undertake the research project
  • Companies in any country except the United States can participate

International professors (optional)

  • Must hold a faculty position at an accredited university located in the same country as the international industry partner
  • Must be eligible to supervise visiting graduate students

All parties involved with the Mitacs Globalink program must comply with the Canadian home university’s policies regarding the ethical conduct of research and scholarly activities. Any issues or disputes around research or academic misconduct will be subject to the home Canadian university’s processes following their institutional policies.

Student’s responsibilities

  • Make all necessary preparations for travel abroad with the appropriate university office(s)
  • Attend any mandatory sessions as required by the home university
  • Obtain appropriate visa or work permit for the destination
  • Ensure confidentiality of industry partner information as specified in the research plan
  • Work full-time on the research project
  • Submit a final report and exit survey to Mitacs at the end of the project

Canadian academic supervisor’s responsibilities

  • Adhere to institutional policies for research abroad
  • Provide ongoing direction and research support to the student prior to and during the research project
  • Assume fiduciary responsibility for the award
  • Submit an exit survey and sign the final report prepared by the student

Industry partner’s responsibilities

  • Send the financial contribution to Mitacs in Canadian dollars
  • Provide ongoing direction and research support to the student prior to and during the research project
  • Advise the student on appropriate travel arrangements and accommodation
  • Provide the student with any necessary documentation to support the visa application
  • Ensure the student has appropriate lab and/or office space and resources during the research project and that activities are limited to those specified in the research plan
  • Submit an exit survey and sign the final report prepared by the student

International academic supervisor’s responsibilities (if applicable)

  • Provide ongoing direction and research support to the student prior to and during the research project
  • Provide the student with any necessary documentation to support the visa application (where applicable)
  • Submit an exit survey and sign the final report prepared by the student


Applications for the Mitacs Globalink Partnership Award are peer-reviewed by subject matter experts. Applicants are notified of the outcome of their peer review approximately 6–8 weeks after the proposal submission.

Proposals will be adjudicated based on the following criteria:

  • Mitacs Globalink Partnership Awards support research-based internships. Does the proposed project qualify as research in its discipline?
  • Is the project appropriate for the academic degree level of the intern?
  • Are the objectives clear?
  • Is the methodology appropriate to achieve the objectives?
  • Is the timeline realistic?
  • Other comments and suggestions for the applicants. For example, is there prior work that should be considered by the researchers?
  • Confidential comments for Mitacs:
  • Will the research work potentially have adverse effects on the environment? Do you recommend that an additional environmental impact review be conducted


  • Mitacs issues the award letter and funds upon receipt of:
    • The student’s completed International Pre-Departure and Student Code of Conduct forms, respectively
    • Confirmation of project start and end dates
    • The industry partner’s $7,500 contribution
  • The award will be sent to the Canadian university’s Office of Research Services (or equivalent) and administered as a research grant in the Canadian supervisor’s name
  • The student must receive a minimum $10,000 stipend. Remaining funds must be used to support project-related research and travel related to the research project, including $2,500 minimum towards student travel costs. Mitacs funds must be spent according to the proposal budget and Tri-Council eligible expenses.
  • Applicants are encouraged to seek support from other funding sources and use prudence when allocating funds to travel and accommodations


The following deliverables must be submitted to Mitacs no later than one month after the project concludes:

  1. A final report that summarizes the project
    • The student is responsible for drafting the final report and securing approval and signatures from the participating supervisor(s)
  2. Exit surveys from the:
    • Student
    • Canadian academic supervisor 
    • International industry partner
    • International academic supervisor (if applicable)

I am a student who is interested in completing a research project abroad. Can Mitacs help me find an industry partner?
No, applicants are responsible for identifying their own project partners.

Can I hold both a Mitacs Globalink Partnership Award and a Tri-Council- (or provincially) funded studentship or fellowship?
Mitacs does not restrict applicants from holding concurrent grants; however, applicants are responsible for confirming such requirements with the appropriate Council or agency.

My Globalink Partnership Award proposal has been approved. When will the funds be available?
Mitacs forwards funds to the Canadian university upon receipt of the $7,500 industry contribution and all necessary documentation. Please note that policies regarding the distribution of the research grant may vary according to the home university. 

Which disciplines are eligible?
All disciplines are eligible.

I am not a graduate student; am I eligible to apply?
The award is only open to graduate students — undergraduates and postdoctoral fellows are not eligible.

Can a postdoctoral fellow at a Canadian university supervise an award recipient?
No, the supervisor must be a faculty member at a Mitacs Full or Associate Partner university and eligible to hold Tri-Council funding.

Can a home academic supervisor support more than one Partnership Award at the same time?

How are Globalink Partnership Award proposals reviewed?
Each proposal is peer-reviewed independently and must meet award standards outlined by Mitacs.

Although adjudication is approximately six to eight weeks in length, we advise submitting an application at least 12 weeks before the proposed project start date to allow adequate time for travel, accommodation, and pre-departure arrangements.

What status will I have at my home university while I am abroad?
All participants must maintain full-time graduate student status at their Canadian university during their time abroad. For further inquiries about status, contact your home university.

Who owns any intellectual property generated during a research project?
Intellectual property is shared between the university and their researchers, in accordance with the relevant policies of the home university, unless a separate agreement is negotiated.