What We Do

At Mitacs, we drive innovation through partnerships

We build connections. Fund research. Foster innovation.

Mitacs works at the nexus of academia, government, and the public and private sectors, to help solve organizational challenges and expand Canada’s innovation capacity. We build cooperative partnerships that link expertise in post-secondary institutions to needs in industry and society. From aerospace systems to childhood literacy rates, Mitacs-funded research helps to strengthen local and international collaborations, improve economic performance, and create jobs.

An Asian businesswoman and a Caucasian businesswoman writing on a board.

We help organizations identify challenges and opportunities, formulate innovation roadmaps and research projects, and then connect to the right source of academic expertise and know-how from Canada and around the world—all within our existing networks. Our success is built on attracting and deploying highly qualified talent that can help businesses and not-for-profit organizations cost effectively achieve their goals.

We connect cutting-edge research, design, and creativity from Canada’s university, polytechnic, and college systems, to ventures at every stage of development from start-up through scale-up to multinationals. We provide funding for projects across all disciplines — up to 55% — and connect top-tier researchers with the businesses, non-for-profits, municipalities, and hospitals that need them.

We mobilize the brightest minds through internships where students and postdocs apply their academic skills to solve real-world problems throughout the continuum of innovation. We ensure that students participating in our programs are representative of the diversity of the Canadian population. We strive to create inclusive pathways for local and international students, expanding career opportunities and professional skills training for the next generation of innovators.

We work with an extensive network of international partners to advance our innovation impact. Through our relationships, expertise, and business intelligence, we support increasingly sophisticated international collaborations, while providing data and insights to partner organizations around the world. Together, we invest in the development of global markets and international connections, and the many standout innovations that are yet to be imagined.

We strengthen Canada’s competitiveness through the commercialization of new technologies, the development of novel products and services, and advancements in social and cultural entrepreneurship. Our game-changing discoveries provide actionable intelligence and leadership for policy makers in Canada. As an innovation catalyst, we support the translation of ideas into impact for all sectors and industries — impact that results in increased economic, social, and environmental well-being for Canadians.

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