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Mentorship and development

A mathematics professor and her intern discover new horizons through an encryption-system study.

Access specialized talent

Bottoms up! A smartphone-based arsenic-detection app makes drinking water safer.

International collaboration

A critical quantum-systems project unites a Canadian professor and a German intern.

Benefits to You

With over 20 years of experience in the innovation ecosystem, Mitacs helps faculty empower the innovators of the future through access to funding, hands-on internships and fellowships, and the establishment of long-term mutually beneficial research partnerships between academic institutions and industry leaders.

Empowering the innovators of tomorrow requires several key elements: access to funding streams to grow your research; mutually beneficial collaborative relationships with industry leaders; and exclusive opportunities for your students to apply their expertise to real-world research projects.

Mitacs can deliver all those things. And more.

Depending on the project and program, Mitacs can help you and your students access anywhere from $7,500 to $120,000 in competitive funding. Through Mitacs expansive professional network, you’ll also have the chance to connect with a wide array of organizations, and develop new and exciting research partnerships. And with those two elements in place, your best and brightest students will be able to truly maximize their potential, taking their ideas from concept to reality.

Explore what Mitacs can do for you and your students!

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Our Programs

Through Mitacs, your students can tap into exciting opportunities to apply their skills and grow their research through collaborative fellowships and internships with industry leaders.

Innovation Deployment

Where Canada’s innovation ecosystem grows potential

These programs give your students, graduates and postdoctoral fellows access to mutually beneficial internship and fellowship opportunities with industry and organization leaders.

In the process, these collaborations allow your students to apply their skills, gain hands-on experience, and facilitate groundbreaking discoveries that open the door to marketable game-changing innovation.

Two female professionals placing marks on a woman's leg for a motion capture project.



Accelerate helps partner organizations boost their innovation potential through internships that tap into the expertise and insight of highly skilled students and postdocs.

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Accelerate Fellowship


Accelerate Fellowships help partner organizations enhance their research talent through internships with top-level Master’s and PhD students.

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Accelerate International


Accelerate International allows you and your students to participate in bilateral collaborations with and partnership organizations in Canada and abroad.

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Business Strategy Internship


BSI allows organizations of any size to tap into the expertise of top-ranked postsecondary students and recent graduates in order to solve business challenges.

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Elevate facilitates two-year mutually beneficial research collaborations between partner organizations and highly skilled postdoctoral fellows.

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Building Innovation Capacity

Where Canada’s innovation ecosystem builds strong foundations

Canada’s innovation ecosystem is rooted in academia with professors and students alike conceiving, developing, and testing ideas – from the evolutionary to the totally disruptive.

Mitacs’s programs in this category support those efforts through funding, talent development, training and retention, and helping researchers expand their networks to become the vanguard for cutting-edge innovation.

A female Caucasian professor and a female Black student looking at a laptop inside a lab.
Our Projects

Mitacs has fostered thousands of successful collaborations between organizations and researchers.

Open Projects

Work with top-ranking talent on collaborative research projects, and discover advanced solutions to your innovation challenges.

Completed Projects

Explore a range of successful Mitacs projects that led to game-changing discoveries, collaborations, and initiatives across Canada.

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