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“Mitacs has always focused on the core idea that talent and partnerships power innovation — and innovation creates a better future.” — John Hepburn, PhD, FRSC Chief Executive Officer

Mitacs empowers Canadian innovation through partnerships

We deliver solutions to our country’s most pressing problems. We have built a strong network of innovation partners, both nationally and internationally, providing invaluable collaboration opportunities between academics and industry or social organizations. By fostering and supporting these partnerships and by deepening relations with our government, post-secondary institutions, and international partners, we are strengthening Canada’s innovation ecosystem and building a more inclusive future.

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The research needed to grow your business requires highly skilled talent. With more than 20 years of experience in the innovation ecosystem, Mitacs has extensive networks to help secure exactly the right resources you need from the top post-secondary institutions — talent that will apply their technical expertise to your business challenges to support your innovation activities. And, by enabling you to optimize your budgets, you have all the tools to foster innovation and take your ground-breaking technology, product, or service to market.

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Not-for-profit organizations

At Mitacs, we believe social innovation is a vital part of the innovation ecosystem, but not-for-profit organizations, charities, and social entrepreneurs often have different needs than their corporate counterparts. Tight budgets and limited in-house capacity can limit your ability to engage in research activities and you need to make sure that the community you work with is engaged in the process. 

Mitacs can help to reduce the barriers for your organization to engage in the research that can deliver the insights you need to drive short term impact or long term transformation.  With our networks of academic institutions, access to talent, and ability to co-fund projects, we are committed to developing partnerships and projects that help communities of people to make progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Working with Mitacs means you have the chance to build game-changing research partnerships with industry and community leaders. It means training your students and sharpening their research skills. It means tapping into flexible funding.

It means driving innovation. 

With a team of 100 Mitacs Advisors — all with advanced degrees — working with post-secondary institutions across Canada, Mitacs has the network to support research collaborations between you and the private, not-for-profit, and public sectors. 

It means placing you, your students, and your academic institution squarely into the continuum of innovation that will improve the lives of all Canadians.

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Mitacs embarked on its first international collaboration in 2008: 17 students from one country, India. By 2021, we had more than 20,000 applications for our Globalink programs; partnerships with 20 countries/regions plus the European Commission; and bilateral exchange agreements with over 40 partners.  

Why have we succeeded?

  • We connect with top global players with the entire Canadian research ecosystem to develop partnerships that prioritize shared strengths and interests leading to high impact research collaborations
  • We leverage global networks to help shape and support the R&D needs of partner organizations, while also training the next generation of talent
  • We receive strong support and funding from the government of Canada and the provinces
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Whether you are a small town or a rural community, a large metropolitan area, a provincial agency or a federal government department, Mitacs can work with you to achieve your goals, whether they are new policies or new bridges. We have partnerships with the federal government, all 10 provinces and the Yukon territory, and we collaborate with major agencies like the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC).

If you have new initiatives, need to transform policy challenges into solutions, are looking for top academic researchers to tackle topics from STEM to social innovation, our team of 80 business development experts, together with our network of 155 post-secondary institutions, can connect you to the right talent with the specialized knowledge and skills you need to advance policy and execute projects.

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