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Every cutting-edge innovation has a story

Discover the fascinating stories behind Canada’s game-changing innovations — and the brilliant minds that started it all.

Join Kate Kenyon as she sits down with award-winning entrepreneurs, research experts, and thought leaders to explore incredible breakthroughs in the world of Canadian innovation. From robotics and artificial intelligence to fashion and conservation, you’ll find it all on The Edge.

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Listen to Episode 3: Halting Hypoglycemia

For the 300,000 Canadians living with Type 1 Diabetes, low blood sugar is a constant concern, and can even be deadly. Join Kate as she delves into the world of diabetic research to uncover a breakthrough drug that takes the fear out of ‘going low’.

In this episode, Kate speaks to Michael Midmer, CEO at Zucara Therapeutics, Dr. Michael Riddell, leading diabetes expert and Chair of Zucara’s Scientific Advisory Board, and Dana Greenberg, who lives with Type 1 Diabetes.

Episode 3: Halting Hypoglycemia is streaming now

Meet your host

Kate Kenyon, Host and co-producer, The Edge

Kate Kenyon is a broadcaster and producer with a passion for all things innovation.

A lifelong learner and champion of research, she collaborated with the UK Home Office to develop international pathways for world-leading academics. She is also
a producer and presenter for MAtv, and can be seen and heard on the arts and culture show LeZarts.

Kate holds a degree in Modern Languages from UCL, and speaks English, French, and Italian. In other words, she can ask “why” in multiple languages…

Join Kate on an illuminating journey as she picks Canada’s brightest brains to learn more about our world — and what lies on the edge.

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Listen on Youtube  Episode 2: Leading Women

From startup founders to tech innovators, social entrepreneurs to creative disruptors. 
Meet three incredible entrepreneurs who are transforming Canada’s innovation ecosystem

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Sunshine Quem Tenasco, Founder, Pow Wow Pitch

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Juliette Champeil, CEO, IVANO Bioscience

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Kayla Isabelle, CEO, Startup Canada

What if there were another way to dye our clothes? What if we could ‘grow’ colour?

Episode 1: Growing colour

In this inaugural episode of The Edge, Kate Kenyon speaks to Iris Redinger, winner of the 2022 Mitacs Environmental Entrepreneur Award and founder of green-tech start-up Material Futures, about her company’s bright idea to produce colour naturally using microorganisms.

Kate also speaks to Leah Barrett, Professor at George Brown College, Beth Mason, CEO of the Verschuren Centre, and Ashley Hannon, Mitacs Senior Advisor, to understand the bigger picture.


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