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For many Canadian SMEs and entrepreneurs, passion drives their quest for innovation. But innovation requires research and development (R&D), and R&D demands capital — sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes in the millions. Having a great idea isn’t enough: you need the money to fund it and, once you have it, you need to spend it smartly, constantly re-evaluating.

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Spending smartly is also understanding that there are methods of making your budget go further.

Get more bang for your bucks with Mitacs

Making your budget go further is just one of the benefits of working with Mitacs. Not only can we help fund your innovation projects — your contribution could be as low as 45% of the cost — we can connect your business to a vast network of research talent. From college to undergrads to graduates and postdoctoral fellows, they possess the most up-to-date skills, knowledge, and know-how to help you innovate and grow, all helping you to manage your capital most effectively.

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Maximize your budget

Putting processes in place to ensure you are continually getting information and feedback means you can adjust your budgets as you go, ensuring your capital is being spent in the most efficient way. Spending smartly is also understanding that there are methods of making your budget go further. Both government and non-government sources have funds available to support your research and innovation projects, so it’s important to know what is out there to assist you at the right time in your process.

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How we help you achieve your goals

  • Over 100 advisors, embedded at Canadian post-secondary institutions, identify the right expertise to address your business challenges
  • Help you recruit highly skilled talent
  • Leverage your budget: because you pay only 50% of the project cost, your money goes further
  • Tap into national research network

Your key benefits

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Leverage your R&D and innovation budgets and make your money go further

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We work with you to develop the scope and the roadmap of the project to achieve your goals

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We provide you with access to expertise not available in-house

Innovation Insights

Mitacs has fostered thousands of successful collaborations between organizations and researchers.

Investing in research for economic equity

Mitacs is supporting student researchers and promoting lasting innovation through its Scotiabank Economic Resilience Research Fund, an initiative launched as part of the ScotiaRISE program.

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