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Mitacs supports collaborative research projects with colleges, CEGEPs, and polytechnics (students and faculty) and the organizations that benefit from their expertise. 

To learn more about: Mitacs’s college journey, the step-by-step process of a typical Mitacs-college partnership, and the breadth of programs available to our college, cégep, polytechnic and institute community, please take a look through our college publication: 

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Mitacs offerings open to colleges, institutes and polytechnics


Helps build applied research partnerships with businesses and not-for-profits through internships for students and postdocs. Apply any time for flexible funding — eligible partner organization’s financial contribution starts at $7,500. (minimum student stipend $10,000 per internship unit).

Engineers working on a robotic exoskeleton in lab, with a person testing it by trying to lift a box.

Accelerate Entrepreneur

Funds student entrepreneurs to further develop the research or technology at the core of their start-up business. With the support of an approved incubator, Mitacs funding helps students build their professional entrepreneurial skills, with the goal of commercializing their start-up’s technology, product, or service through funded internships. In short, Accelerate Entrepreneur pays students to grow their start-ups and get to market faster. Mitacs matches the start-up’s investment by 50% and releases a research award to student entrepreneurs through four-month internships, valued at $15,000 per internship.

Business Strategy Internship

Provides $15,000 (minimum student stipend $10,000) to develop innovative projects designed to help an organization thrive. Apply ASAP as funds are limited. Eligible partner organization’s financial contribution starts at $7,500.


Depending on the discipline, eligibility includes college students, undergrad or graduate students, or postdoctoral fellows specializing in quantum, AI, and cybersecurity. Projects are open to businesses of all sizes from small to large. The student will receive a $6,000 stipend for an eight-week (full-time) or 16-week (part-time) project; partner investment is $3,000; applications accepted at any time. NOTE: This is ideal for mature college students holding a university degree.

Within the Accelerate and BSI programs, please see below the new eligibilities and special offerings:

Indigenous Pathways

Mitacs’ Indigenous Pathways works with partner organizations to find the right academic talent to achieve their innovation goals. Projects are a minimum of four-months in duration – they can be longer. The partner contribution is only 25% of the cost of projects that have an Indigenous partner organization and/or an intern who is Indigenous.


Hospitals are now eligible partner organizations for Accelerate and BSI internships. Whether your partner is a hospital looking to collaborate with experts across myriad disciplines or one of your faculty member’s research could benefit a hospital, Mitacs can help.

Municipal Support

Municipalities are now eligible partner organizations for Accelerate and BSI internships. Mitacs connects municipalities of all sizes with post-secondary researchers for innovative projects — from economic development to sustainability, smart cities, cybersecurity, public health, infrastructure and more — ensuring municipalities develop the best public policies to create vibrant and healthy communities.

Kids Brain Health Network (KBHN)

To qualify for the joint KBHN-Mitacs funding, projects must have an emphasis on community-based services and supports for children with a neurodevelopmental disability and their families. Priority will be given to projects that directly address one or more of the following thematic areas: ​

Early screening and identification: Work with community partners and stakeholders to implement novel approaches to earlier recognition of developmental vulnerability.

Evidence-based interventions and treatment: Support the implementation of evidence-based interventions that target the functional needs of the child, and work with community partners to ensure that innovations are integrated effectively into policy and practice.

Family support: Work with community partners in identifying and providing the most effective strategies to support parents and caregivers to reduce family stress, improve communication, and access resources that help children and their families realize their full potential.

The call for research proposals includes 10 internship stipends of $20,000 maximum including $5,000 contribution from KBHN, and a contribution from the participating agency or business. The required contribution from Canadian or international enterprises, municipalities, or hospitals, is $7,500; a cost reduction to $3,750 is available for small-and-medium sized Canadian companies or eligible not-for-profits.

Mental health innovation funding for master’s and college students (MHRC)

Through our Accelerate program, this special partnership between Mitacs and Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC) is designed to narrow the gap between research and practice and ensure stakeholder engagement. Interns will gain practical experience while having a direct impact on their communities. To accomplish that outcome, they will partner with either a front-line mental health service provider or members of a target community and integrate the insights of people with lived experience into each stage of their projects.

Candidates are eligible for funding of $15,000 for a six-month internship. In addition to the community or service provider, researchers will work with an academic supervisor and a partner organization, such as a business, a not-for-profit organization, or a municipality. The Mitacs-MHRC partnership is fully funded, which means internships will have no cost for other project partners.

Calls are launched three times a year. Please visit the MHRC website to learn more.

Joint Mitacs Accelerate-NSERC CCI

In partnership with Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the College and Community Innovation (CCI) program, Mitacs is working to expedite applied, research-based solutions that leverage highly qualified personnel (HQP) — students and/or postdoctoral fellows — of Canada’s colleges, CEGEPs, and polytechnics. Those applying for NSERC-CCI’s Applied Research and Development (ARD) grant and the NSERC College and Community Social Innovation Fund (CCSIF) can apply for additional support through Accelerate internships as a component of the training of HQPs. NSERC – College and Community Innovation program – Applied Research and Development grants (

Request for Researchers

We are seeking college, graduate students, and postdocs for collaborative projects with industry or not-for-profit partners. This platform enables academic participants to use the filters and search the available projects. Note: The latter have been posted in the language of the industry partner’s choice.

Support Canadian Businesses

As small and medium-size enterprises position themselves to take advantage of an increasingly robust economy, it is critical to push ahead with research and innovation. That is why Mitacs connects SMEs with the expertise — and funding — they need.

Approved Incubators

Does your institution house an incubator/accelerator? Contact your local Mitacs Advisor and have it vetted.

Note: Colleges, CEGEPs and polytechnics that are eligible to receive funding from at least one of the Tri-Agency members (NSERC, SSHRC or CIHR) are eligible for Mitacs programs. The institution must sign a funding agreement with Mitacs. Contact a Mitacs Advisor for details.

For questions on potential projects, contact a Mitacs Advisor in your area.