Design a roadmap to success

A successful innovation strategy means getting everyone on board — internally and externally.

Creating the perfect mix

Like putting together a puzzle, assembling all the components your business needs to ensure success can take time, energy and skill. Everything associated with your research or project — from the talent and financing to your stakeholders, market and more — needs to be aligned, working together towards your goal.

But recruiting and retaining a quality team, establishing partnerships, accessing funding, developing strategies and effectively executing ideas can prove challenging. Integrating internal and external elements to create a seamless innovation ecosystem isn’t always easy.

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Stir up success with Mitacs

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. With over 20 years of experience fostering winning collaborations between industry and postsecondary institutions (colleges and universities), our team of experts — as well as our relationships with governments, incubators, and key organizations in Canada and abroad — can help you achieve the results you want.


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How we help you achieve your goals

  • 100+ advisors, embedded at Canadian postsecondary institutions, identify the right expertise to address your business challenges
  • Help you recruit highly skilled talent
  • Leverage your budget: because you pay only 50% of the project cost, your money goes further
  • Tap into national research networks
Key Benefits

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Leverage your R+D/Innovation budgets

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We work with you to develop the scope and the roadmap of the project to achieve your goals

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We provide you with access to expertise not available in-house

Innovation insights

Mitacs has fostered thousands of successful collaborations between organizations and researchers.

The Internet of the future is closer than we think

Ontario start-up builds and commercializes tools based on classical quantum information theory to ensure the highest level of security and communication over public and private networks, paving the way for the future quantum Internet

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