Maximize your potential by capitalizing on your R&D

Mitacs helps you take innovation from concept to commerce

Maximizing your potential and capitalizing your research and development are the keys to succeeding in the global marketplace.

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Corner the market

Canadian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are driving innovation across every industry, but having a groundbreaking new technology or product is only half the battle — taking it to market and connecting with buyers are essential for growth and success. And your market should be top of mind from the research and development (R&D) phase onwards.

What does your customer want or need? Where does your product or service fit into the Canadian and global marketplaces? And how will you get it there? SMEs need to be nimble and well equipped enough to tackle these challenges, but many lack the resources, know-how and experience to take innovation from concept to commerce.

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38 percent of SME leaders say that insufficient knowledge of the market and their competition is impeding their company’s growth.

Get a leg up with Mitacs

Mitacs has more than 20 years of experience facilitating successful and profitable collaborations between industry and academia. Investing in highly skilled graduate and postdoctoral students from Canadian universities is an invaluable tool in building the R&D resources your company needs. Top-tier research interns can fill critical gaps in your team, boost productivity, and provide fresh perspectives that will help your innovative concepts — and your business — achieve success in your markets.

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How we help you achieve your goals

  • A Business Development team of 100, embedded at Canadian post-secondary institutions, identifies the right expertise to address your business challenges
  • Help you recruit highly skilled talent
  • Leverage your budget: because you pay only 50% of the project cost, your money goes further
  • Tap into national research networks
Your Key Benefits

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Leverage your R+D/Innovation budgets

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We work with you to develop the scope and the roadmap of the project to achieve your goals

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We provide you with access to expertise not available in-house

Innovation insights

Mitacs has fostered thousands of successful collaborations between organizations and researchers.

Femme Fit-All

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Mystery or romance? How Big Data can help you pick your next book

U of T computer science student partners with Kobo to develop interactive e-book recommendations Kobo’s Big Data Director Darius Braziunas says he knew early on that to stay competitive in the e-book world Kobo would need to collaborate with university researchers to take their products to the next level. “To stay competitive, we need to […]

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