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Advancing innovation

We are proud to work with small- and mid-sized companies to advance innovation in Canada. For a small company, doing research isn’t simple especially in the light of the new economic reality. Projects and lab equipment are costly and it’s difficult to find and attract specialized talent. We understand what small businesses need to innovate.

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88% of business Mitacs supports are small and mid-sized companies.

Who we are

You’re proud of everything you’ve accomplished — but you want to innovate and grow even more. Developing your company’s innovation roadmap requires a clear path, the right expertise, access to an unparalleled research network, and budget.

No matter the size of your company, our 100+ advisors can connect you to top-tier colleges and universities, and the brightest researchers, to help solve your innovation challenges — and you can fund as little as 45% of the cost of the project.

Working with Mitacs means

  • You leverage your budget: your contribution can be as low as 45% of the project cost meaning your money goes further
  • Your funding starts at $15K and can run to the millions
  • You have access to our extensive research networks and partners
  • We’ll find you the right talent
  • You reduce the risk of your investment
  • Projects are scalable and can be multi-disciplinary
Your Key Benefits

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Tap into a national research network

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Leverage your R+D or Innovation budget

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Reduce the risk of accessing and hiring research expertise

Innovation insights

Mitacs has fostered thousands of successful collaborations between organizations and researchers.

Calgary-based spin-off turns green idea to gold

With the launch of its invention that converts greenhouse-gas emissions into high-value fuels and chemicals before they are released into the environment, founders Drs. Paul Addo and Beatriz Molero Sanchez take pride in helping to improve their world.

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Dam good research: New 3D-printed dam models enable better prediction and reduce costs

Creating digitally fabricated dam models for hydraulic and seismic testing. Under a multi-phase project supported by commercial and educational entities, Austin Engineering creates digitally fabricated dam models for hydraulic and seismic testing at both their own hydraulics lab and at the University of British Columbia’s Applied Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Structures (ALAMS) in Kelowna, […]

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Business Strategy Internships connect business students with small businesses during COVID-19

Vancouver, BC — Mitacs has launched a new summer program, the Mitacs Business Strategy Internship, to stimulate Canada’s economic recovery in the COVID-19 era; the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business (UBC Sauder) is the first academic partner. Mitacs’s Business Strategy Internship intends to bolster Canada’s economic recovery by supporting businesses that need […]

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