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Mitacs helps you take innovation from research to reality in your community.


For Canadian not-for-profit organizations, having a groundbreaking new technology or initiative is only half the battle — launching and implementing it within communities are essential for growth and success. Successfully connecting with your target community should be top of mind from the research and development (R&D) phase onwards.

What does your community want or need? Where does your innovation fit into the larger Canadian and global landscapes? And how will you get it there? Not-for-profits need to be nimble and well equipped enough to tackle these challenges, but many lack the resources, know-how and experience to take innovation from research to reality.

How we help you achieve your goals

  • A team of 100+ Mitacs Advisors, embedded at Canadian colleges and universities, identifies the right expertise to address your organization’s challenges
  • Help you recruit highly skilled talent
  • Maximize your budget: because you pay only 50% of the project cost, your money goes further
  • Tap into national research networks
Your Key Benefits

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Optimize your R&D and innovation budgets and make your money go further

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We work with you to develop the scope and the roadmap of the project to achieve your goals

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We provide you with access to expertise not available in-house

Innovation insights

Mitacs has fostered thousands of successful collaborations between organizations and researchers.

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