Mitacs Accelerate PhD Fellowships

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Mitacs for an administrative pre-review and feedback of their proposal draft a minimum of 7 days before the deadline date.  If you are working with a Mitacs Business Development Director, they may review your draft.  If you are not working with a Mitacs representative, you may send your proposal draft to accelerate(at) for informal review and feedback.

A Mitacs Accelerate PhD fellowship application consists of the following documents:

  • The completed Mitacs proposal. Proposals should be written in plain language but should also include relevant technical detail. Mitacs requests that proposals be submitted for this opportunity as a saved PDF.
  • The memorandum signed by all partners (the intern, academic supervisor, partner supervisor and a representative from the Office of Research Services*). The memorandum must be submitted as a scanned PDF or other image document.
    • *Academic supervisors must request approval from their Office of Research Services, and the approval signature must be included on the memorandum submitted with the proposal.  Please ensure you contact them prior to the Call for Proposals deadline date to determine if there are specific internal deadlines for their review and approval.
  • A current CV of the proposed intern (CV template is available for download from the Mitacs website).
  • Conflict of Interest Declaration form if applicable.  If you believe you have a Conflict of Interest to declare, please contact Mitacs at prior to finalizing the proposal. (See the Conflict of Interest section in the Mitacs-Accelerate PhD Fellowship Program Guide for more information.)
  • Supporting documents, if applicable. Additional documents may be required to support the proposal application. The proposal template outlines when these documents are needed.

Complete proposals are to be submitted via email to: accelerate(at)  by no later than 1:00 PM (PST) June 18th, 2014.


Mitacs gratefully acknowledges the Government of Canada, the Networks of Centres of Excellence's Industrial Research and Development Internship program, Western Economic Diversification, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures and the governments of British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec through Le Fonds de recherche du Québec and le Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur, Recherche, Science et Technologie, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador through its Research and Development Corporation for their support of Mitacs Accelerate.  

Frequently Asked accelerate Questions

I am a student with a project idea but no industry partner. Can Mitacs help me find a company?

Mitacs works to connect industry with the most appropriate university expertise to solve challenges identified by the company.  With the large number of potential interns seeking industrial partners, Mitacs cannot offer individualized matching to a particular researcher however, you can consult our suggestions as to how to go about finding a partner company.

Can I complete my full internship at the University and interact with the company virtually?

Normally interns are expected to spend at least 50% of their internship with the company at their site(s).  If your host company is in a remote location or there are other unique circumstances that challenge the interaction, you may request flexibility for a lower ratio of interaction with the company.  Please consult with your business development representative while writing your proposal.  

Can I hold both an Accelerate and a tri-council (or provincially) funded studentship or fellowship?

Although Mitacs does not have any restrictions, many other granting agencies do not allow fellowship and studentship recipients to hold certain grants concurrently.  Please check with the relevant council or agency for current information regarding your specific grant prior to applying.

Can I do an internship with a research lab, NGO, Municipality, or Government agency?

The vast majority of Mitacs Accelerate Internships are funded in part by the national IRDI program, which limits industrial partners to privately owned or incorporated for-profit Canadian companies.  In some regions, there may be additional funding from other sources to support a limited number of partnerships with not-for-profit or government  entities.  Please contact a Business Development representative in your region to determine if such funding is available.

Latest accelerate News

Increasing prostate cancer survival rates
10 April 2014
Each year, more than 26,000 Canadian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer.  However, the chances of survival are good – especially if it is detected during its early stages.Once prostate...

 From my perspective, the true value of the Mitacs-Accelerate internship is the individual relationships developed with people working for the industrial partner. Through the internship, although I became more familiar with methods, ideas, and technical issues related to my area of research, it was the networking experiences that I found to be most rewarding. I have no doubt that these relationships will continue to be of value throughout my career. 

Gurjit Singh, Mitacs-Accelerate intern at the University of Toronto with partner Oticon Canada

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