Engineering Sustainability Policies within the Building Sector in Ontario as a Basis for Impact on Equity Seeking Groups

Currently, the building sector accounds of 36% of end-use energy consumption in Ontario. With the rise of appeal towards green energy, the government has focused greatly on developing sustainability policies. Additionally, Ontario has seen a rise in the equity-seeking communities’ population over the last few decades. Aknowlegding the success of sustainability policies is greatly depends in the participation of the entire population leads to the question of inclusivity of inclusive population.

AI-enabled food waste differentiation for at-home compost nutrients estimation

The main goal of this project is to digitalize food waste at home for a sustainable future using at-home composters. We will develop dedicated machine learning algorithms to detect, segment, and classify various food waste generated in the kitchen, making it possible for everyone to immediately estimate the quality and nutrients of the generated compost using a simple mobile App. The project will collaborate with VCycene Inc., a cleantech company dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to the food-waste problem.

Disrupting the Canadian patient-specialist referral process - can multimodal communication pathways empower the patient?

In general, Canadians are proud of their universal health care system, but an often heard complaint is the slow and convoluted specialist referral process, and the lengthy wait times to see specialists. An Ontarian waits, on average, 11.3 weeks for a non-urgent specialist referral and 7 weeks for an urgent specialist referral.

Additive-free fabrication of polymeric composites with delayed and reduced dripping

Fire safety in polymers is critically important with products used in construction, aerospace, transportation, and furniture. Additives used as anti-dripping and flame-retardant agents impose acute human health issues and have negative environmental impacts. In our previous study, we developed an additive-free solution through the coextrusion of polymeric films, and we found that the multilayer configuration provides two significant advantages in the time to the first drip and reduction in the number of drips compared to the value for the melt blended samples with no additives.

Unsolicited Proposals as Tools for Innovation

Public procurement plays a crucial role in enabling governments to achieve their goals. Unsolicited proposals represent a departure from the usual procurement process used by governments, in that they involve a private firm submitting a proposal to develop a project or to deliver goods and services in the absence of a formal or informal request. Although the use of unsolicited proposals can present challenges, especially relating to transparency and competition, they can also spur business innovation, as well as provide social and/or environmental benefits.

Design and Manufacturing of a Solar-Powered Research Aircraft

The primary objective of the proposed research project is to complete the design and manufacturing of a long-duration small uncrewed aerial vehicle (SUAV) that weighs less than 20 kg and is powered using solar-power and batteries. The design will be the basis of a fleet of low-cost airborne sensing platforms that is easily deployed. The aircraft will change how many remote airborne sensing missions will be performed, providing a green alternative to many aerial platforms that rely on non-renewable resources.

The Narreme Engine: A Tool for Narrative Analysis and Construction - Year two

In my PhD dissertation, I proposed a renewed theory of the “narreme” – the minimum basic unit of narrative structure, a concept which originated in the 1960s but which has been largely neglected since then. I suggested that a Narreme Theoretic approach could be tremendously useful not only for the purposes of narrative analysis, but also for the construction of narratives in various creative media, as well as a pedagogical tool for teaching reading comprehension and literacy, and as a method for narrative-based psychotherapies. Can Narreme Theory be applied practically for these purposes?

Synthesis and modeling of stimuli-responsive polymers for fracturing fluids use - Year two

Currently, the global warming alerts, oil prices fluctuations and clean energy have paved the way of investing in the producing wells by enhancing the recovery of hydrocarbons compared to exploration wells. Applying hydraulic fracturing from injected fluids is most common method used. These fluids create cracks in the bedrock and push the hydrocarbons to the surface. The well usually have harsh conditions of high temperatures up to 200 °C and a variant pH between 3-11 which cause challenges to the injected fluids.

Price Bidding Optimization using the Advances of adversarial machine learning (AML)

Curate Mobile operates a demand site platform (DSP), which is an advertising platform responsible for bidding in real time ad placements from various publishers. This process is a blind auction, happening over 50,000 times a second, and during this bidding process we have less then 100ms to determine which of our clients should bid for this ad placement, how much it might be worth to them, and what price we believe we can win this auction for.

Determining the Current Status of Startup Incubation in Canada

This study will, through a survey of the Incubator members of the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) establish a baseline for Incubator activity in Canada and examine the impct that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on both incubators and their member startups and assess to what degree changes caused by the pandemic may have long-lasting effects. The study will include examination of applications, intake, services provided, links to external investment sources and exits.