Building Performance and People Performance in Buildings: Pre- and Post-occupancy evaluations for design quality measurement in healthcare environments

Good architecture, arguably, is a productive exchange between design and data. Where design creates
innovation, data drives investment, and a clear, continuous feedback loop is imperative. This research considers
the increasingly acute gap in professional practice between how buildings are designed vs. how they are
experienced and how they perform when they are actually used.

Environmental forensic source identification for complex contaminant mixtures using advanced computational fingerprinting

Environmental forensic investigations endeavour to identify connections between environmental pollution and polluters. There assessments are integral to legal cases spanning pollution from accidental spills to illegal disposal of chemical waste.

Developing Efficient Machine Learning Models for Price Bidding

Curate Mobile operates a demand site platform (DSP), which is an advertising platform responsible for bidding in real time ad placements from various publishers. This process is a blind auction, happening over 50,000 times a second, and during this bidding process we have less then 100ms to determine which of our clients should bid for this ad placement, how much it might be worth to them, and what price we believe we can win this auction for.


A novel design and analysis of high-impact contact sports’ helmet to mitigate the concussion is proposed here. Multi-shell made of composite materials, inter-shell specially designed structures along with speed-dependent padding between head and inner shell will be used to decompose, redirect and dissipate the impact energy during collisions. This design process will involve neuroscience, biomechanics and mechanical engineering integration in an unprecedented manner.

Implementation of a Customized Platform for Patient Education and Embedding Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) in Enhanced Recovery after Robot-Assisted Surgery (ERA-RaS)

Lack of customized patient education leads to medical errors which are the third leading cause of death in North America. Most patients don’t fully understand the role they need to play before and after their surgeries for reasons like language barriers. They forget up to 80% of the information provided to them, and half of what is remembered is misremembered. It means there is a chance that surgeries won’t happen as planned. That’s dangerous for patients and can be frustrating and expensive for caregivers.

Dynamic actor tracking for Augmented Reality-based filmmaking guidance

Augmented Reality can help in simplifying the filmmaking process by intelligently suggesting shot composition angles for amateur filmmakers to take better shots. In partnership with Rubber Match Productions, researchers will investigate how actors within an AR filmmaking environment can be dynamically tracked to provide real-time guidance to the filmmaker for shot composition. The project will utilize latest advances in artificial intelligence and computer vision to track actors in real-time through videos.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Operation of Residential Building and Hotel (Class B) Pools during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic affected every aspect of our lives, and recreational water facilities were not immune to this with several questions and concerns about potential exposure to the virus at these facilities. This research project aims to understand experiences, needs, and opportunities towards the use of pools in residential buildings and hotels.

Coaching Mental Health Providers and Adults to Achieve Optimal Sleep

Millions of Canadians struggle with insomnia, but common methods of dealing with poor sleep (e.g., medication) have poor side effects, do not have lasting effects, and are not preferred by patients and providers. Although cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is the gold-standard treatment, there is limited access because most mental health practitioners (MPHs) do not have sufficient training to deliver CBT-I. To address this problem, Dr.

Business Analyst (BA) Impact on Business Agility and Data Analytics

Digital Transformation of business, combined with globalization through outsourcing, has create an increasingly fast-paced, competitive environment for most businesses. Additionally, new disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are just beginning to open new opportunities for the next wave of Digital Transformation. Agile concepts have accepted in information systems (IS) development for more than two decades.

Canada-Wide Study: Clinical and Economics Outcomes of Mental Health and Addictions

The annual economic impact of mental health illness and addiction on the Canadian economy is estimated to be around $50 billion, with projected increases in future years. Little research exists that has evaluated mental health illness and addictions in the Canadian workplace. The provision of counselling and therapy services helps to boost both mental health well-being and employment productivity, with gains well exceeding the cost of treatment itself.