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Our programs foster research collaborations in Canada and around the world.

Mitacs is a national not-for-profit organization that delivers research and training programs to faculty, students, and postdocs in all disciplines. Our mission is to help emerging researchers across all academic disciplines build innovative partnerships for the betterment of Canada. Our suite of programs aims to nurture the research and professional skills that help elevate ideas, establish strong networks, and find fulfilling careers in industry and academia.

In the four years since its creation, our partnership with SSHRC has supported over 200 social sciences and humanities (SSH) collaborations with not-for-profit organizations. This partnership, and increased representation from SSH disciplines, demonstrates our commitment to supporting innovation across all areas of research. Through our Accelerate and Elevate programs, researchers collaborate with not-for-profit organizations and companies, expand their professional networks, and gain career experience.


Find new funding sources, local and global research opportunities, and training for students and postdocs. Funding is available for all disciplines.

Gain research experience and build partnerships beyond academia. Mitacs Accelerate supports research collaborations with an industry or not-for-profit partner, starts at four months and $15,000, and can scale up as much as you need. Accelerate’s flexible design supports cross-disciplinary projects, international collaborations, and longer-term funding for graduate students. Accelerate applications are open to participants in all disciplines and sectors, and are accepted any time.

The program that provides a novel answer to “What are you doing after your PhD?” As an Elevate fellow, you’ll get two years of customized management training and competitive funding as you lead a project with a partner. Elevate issues a call for applications approximately twice a year. In addition to their exclusive training, approved recipients receive a stipend starting at $110,000. The program is open to postdocs in all disciplines, and Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and international PhD holders can apply.

Build and strengthen your global research network with Mitacs Globalink. The program supports a variety of international collaborations, including travel abroad for Canadian students and hosting international students at Canadian universities.

Canadian Science Policy Fellowship
Play a role bridging academic research and governmental science policy. PhD holders and faculty can both apply to the fellowship, which places applicants with a government department or agency. Applications are typically accepted in the spring, with each 12-month cohort starting that September. PhD graduates and faculty in all disciplines can apply.

Training (formerly Mitacs Step)
Boost your resume with the online and on-site workshops that can help you get noticed — and hired. Mitacs Training workshops teach skills such as project management, professionalism, and communication, in an interactive learning environment with small class sizes. Sessions are offered at no charge to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows currently registered at Canadian universities.


What are other researchers doing with our support?

Mitacs is committed to supporting innovative research across all disciplines, and we’re pleased to share a small sample of notable projects within the SSH disciplines: 

Partnering with children’s gaming start-up to communicate social issues

Investigating the history of French sequential photography     

Uncovering knowledge about ancient indigenous communities                            

Read more stories about researchers’ impacts on Canada and the world


Want to see examples of research projects and collaborations in your discipline?

Our projects database has over 7,000 current and past Mitacs-funded research projects in all disciplines across Canada. Search our project database to find examples of research funded in your field.


Why Mitacs?


Mitacs will be at Congress 2018 in Regina. Visit our booth to find out more about our suite of programs.

Stop by our Congress booth and say hello. You can find our booth at the Congress Expo from May 26 to June 1, 2018. Expo will be housed in the Centre for Kinesiology at University of Regina. 

Join us on May 30, 2018 for a Career Corner workshop for grad students and postdocs.

This workshop is aimed at social sciences and humanities graduate students who are interested in career opportunities outside academia or want to undertake a research collaboration with a non-academic partner. The facilitator will provide tools, techniques, and resources (including Mitacs) to help participants identify viable projects and internship prospects outside their universities. The workshop will take place on May 30, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Join us at the Canadian Political Science Association’s (CPSA) 3MT® competition on June 1, 2018, in Regina.

We’re a proud sponsor of this year’s 3MT® competition, where participants have three minutes to present their graduate research to non-specialist judges. The 3MT® finals will take place at Congress 2018, as part of CPSA’s annual conference. The event will be from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Classroom-CL 312, University of Regina. Lunch will be provided. 

We hope to see you there. 


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