Leveraging genomic information to better understand the biological effect of major genes on reproduction and health traits in dairy cattle

The main objective of the study is to increase the discovery of important reproduction and health genetic variants in dairy cattle. This could help improve reproduction and health of dairy herds through genomic selection or editing of the genome. In order to find the causative variants affecting reproduction and health traits, a review of the literature will be performed and new and cutting-edge genomic technology will be used.

“Accelerating grain hemp improvement with genomics”

Genomics, the study of genetic sequence of an organism, can be of great benefit to plant breeders who wish to accelerate the development of new varieties. Natural Emphasis Ltd (NE) is interested in developing hemp that will produce more grain by increasing the number of female flowers on its plants. Our project is to identify sections of the genetic code called ‘markers’ that are associated with plants with a high number of female flowers within a population that NE is using for breeding.

Examination of key nutrition, health, environmental, and welfare issues in swine to improve sustainability and societal acceptance of pork production

In order to remain competitive, pig producers must continually evolve to address current and emerging challenges to the Canadian swine industry. The Prairie Swine Centre has developed a multidisciplinary research program aimed at addressing key issues within the swine industry related to environment, society, safety, and sustainability.

Evaluation of apoptosis and proliferation rates in juvenilerat tissues

During maturation, juvenile rats have dramatic histomorphometric changes within their tissues, including marked proliferation and cell death. These background changes should not be mistaken with drug-induced pathologic features. This is critical for optimal drug toxicity studies. The main objective of this study is to build a database on apoptosis and proliferation at different time points in juvenile rats. Both the data on juvenile tissues and the development of optimized techniques will be a strong commercial asset to the private partner.

Incidence, pathogenesis and control measures of Enterococcus infections in chicken embryos and neonatal broiler chickens (New)

Yolk sac infections have become the number one disease problem in the broiler chicken industry in Canada.
The emergence of yolk sac infections due to Enterococcus species has increased over the last two years at
poultry hatcheries in Saskatchewan and as a result, chick quality and broiler performance have decreased

Evaluation of Phostrol Uptake and Efficacy against Late Blight and Verticillium Wilt in Potato Cultivars Grown in Nova Scotia

This proposed project is aimed at using a newly approved environmentally-friendly fungicide Phostrol to control the most serious diseases of late blight and Verticillium wilt in potato production. Current control strategies for late blight control are harmful to the environment; with the removal of the fumigation practice, there is no alternative options for growers to control Verticillium pathogens in soil that cause almost 30% yield reduction in the Maritime region. This proposed research will provide valuable data for these two disease targets.

Asian Aquaculture Feed Formulation Database

Asia is the most important global market for aquaculture feeds and an increasingly important consumer of Canadian agricultural commodities, know-how and technologies. Given the complexity of the field, feed manufacturers require robust and highly flexible tools that could assist them in the formulation of cost-effective feeds for major aquaculture species across their life cycle.

Development and testing of canine and human positioning devices for phase contrast CT imaging at the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron

The purpose of this research is to develop improved diagnostic and treatment tools for prostate cancer in humans through the use of a canine (dog) model and a synchrotron-based x-ray source for imaging and therapy at the Canadian Light Source (CLS). Novel techniques in synchrotron x-ray imaging, specifically in-line phase contrast CT (PC-CT), will be explored as a valuable method for research and clinical imaging of spontaneous canine prostatic diseases as a model for human diseases.

Benefit of algae meal supplementation during pregnancy on piglet health Year Two

Research suggests that a skewed dietary ratio of omega-6: omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-6: n-3 PUFAs) in westernized diets and an increase in maternal stress during pregnancy are risk factors for offspring inflammatory diseases. Typically, a diet high in n-6 PUFA is thought to promote pro-inflammatory mediators, while n-3 PUFA have anti-inflammatory properties.

Transcriptomic analysis of follicular somatic cells after vitamin supplementation using Vicomb® feed additive in bovine Year Two

In cattle, energy requirements after parturition increase exponentially, primarily, due to increase in milk production. Negative energy balance hampers reproductive efficiency, inflicting heavy economic losses to dairy industry. Poor reproduction is the most important cause of culling dairy cows. Feed supplementation with vitamins improves energy balance. Also, observations in humans indicate that folic acid and vitamin B12 improve oocyte quality and pregnancy establishment.