Heritage Architecture and Digital Archives

The intern will work coilaboratively with the Canadian Heritage Information Network to develop a knowledge based digital archive for heritage conservation generally and, more specifically, for materials applications and methods of construction related to heritage buildings. The archive, entitled Heritage Architecture and Digital Archives (HADA) will not only address technological challenges, but also effectively contextualize the complex and diverse forms of information that distinguish this field of study.

Cultural Diversity and Material Imagination in Canadian Architecture

Nowhere is Canadafs rich cultural diversity more present than in the techniques of construction brought to our country by the hands of our immigrants. Whether a religious monument or a simple farm house, architecture makes visible the invisible workings of the material imagination. In this sense, the fabrication of buildings, not just their form, is a cultural artifact. Alarmingly, an increasing scarcity of specialized and skilled tradespersons, complex building codes, and industrialized building systems threaten this invaluable cultural resource.

Compendium of Design Strategies for Healing Environments

Evidence-based research has provided a body of evidence which links improved patient outcomes with building features such as courtyards, views of nature and access to daylight. While the quantitative data produced by such studies makes a strong case to decision-makers for the inclusion of such features into healthcare facilities, the design of healing environments requires more than a checklist of desirable features.

SQWhere.com: Designing a User-interface Using Hyper-Local Contextual Knowledge to (Re)Construct a Community Building Gathering Space

SQWhere.com is a Vancouver-based local platform that will be made accessible via an online website and through mobile phones. The SQWhere.com platform provides web tools that use mapping, tagging, search and transaction systems thus enabling social interactions and information exchange. The graphical user interface for the SQWhere.com platform which allows users to engage and navigate the application has yet to be defined or created.