Assessing the effectiveness of customer management efforts on profitability in the insurance industry

To have a strategic advantage over competitors, companies have been encouraged to adopt customer-centric, value added processes and capabilities.  Firms allocate resources to train their employees in the necessary skills to build and maintain healthy relationships with their customers, yet little is understood on how investments in training impacts a firm?s performance.   The objective of the proposed research is to investigate (1) Which customer management training activities have a positive impact on profitability? (2) How frequently should companies offer training to their employees?

Utilizing an evaluation of a community initiative to inform lessons for collaborative partnership and service delivery: All In for Youth Case Study

This project aims to provide much needed evidence to community organizations who want to use evaluation findings to better understand how to work with and support vulnerable children and their families in schools. The All in for Youth initiative and its collaborative partners offer integrated, wraparound supports to improve academic outcomes and resiliency of vulnerable children, support family health and stability, get communities involved, and inform policy and systems change.

Conveyor throughput optimization at a distribution centre

FedEx Supply Chain, the 3PL provider for the Canadian Tire distribution centre located at Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec intends to improve its delivery performance to its customers’ retail stores, especially during the high-volume periods of the year. The focus is on improving the throughput of the conveyor system, as it is considered to be a critical part of the outbound process. This applied research project targets to develop a simulation model to identify bottlenecks and to predict the effects of different control levers that may be used to optimize the conveyor throughput.

Hybrid and multi-device quantum machine learning models

Over the past 2-3 years, commercial quantum computing hardware has begun to come online. While emerging quantum processing devices (QPUs) are still small and noisy compared to ideal quantum hardware, they are nevertheless expected to demonstrate quantum supremacy soon. During the same period, quantum machine learning (QML) has emerged as a rapidly expanding research field, perceived as one of the most promising algorithmic paradigms for near-term quantum computers. In this project, the candidate will leverage their skills in machine learning to carry out research in QML.

Examining Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy development in early stage-venture capital firms.

How a company today contributes to the environmental and social well-being of society is becoming a more important part of their business activities. Many large companies have an environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy which guides them on making their business activities contribute to environmental and social sustainability of the planet. But what about businesses that are just starting up? They are more worried about their ability to make enough money to survive.

Understanding Health and Life Sciences Research and Innovation Impact in British Columbia

This project seeks to demonstrate the impact of health and life sciences research in the Province of British Columbia. Researchers from Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia – Okanagan are working closed with the Genome BC and Michael Smith’s Foundation to develop new methodology to assess the value of health and life sciences research holistically.

Improving the Accuracy of Data Loss Prevention Systems

Scotiabank employs teams of cybersecurity specialists across its global operations and partners with a variety of external organizations to prevent and investigate any electronic attempts to gain access to the Bank’s data. At the same time, employees are continuously educated and expected to look for warning signs and efforts to infiltrate that data as well. Currently, Scotiabank’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems have a high false positive rate in identifying data breaches and cyber-attacks, which require significant manual intervention.

Innovative Business Strategies: Business development and marketing of drone technology in international development contexts and specialized professional development programs in domestic postsecondary environments

The internship will focus on two case studies in the area of business and marketing research, aiming to integrate academic level rigour with practical relevance. First, the intern will consider how drone-based research tools can be managed and marketed in an international development context that engages local networks of drone users whilst maintaining technological standards and respecting local regulatory frameworks.

Enhancing Compliance of Financial Service Industry Through Understanding and Predicting Employees’ Conduct Risk

Conduct risk management is a topic of great importance to financial service firms. Misconduct from staff members in financial institutions can result in substantial costs. However, compared to other types of risk faced by financial institutions (e.g. credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk), conduct risk and the related reputational risk have been understudied. One of the main reasons for the limited research in this area is the lack of data available assessing employees’ misconduct.

Centre for Operations Excellence Industry Projects 2019

The Centre for Operations Excellence Industry Projects 2019 consists of seven sub-projects sponsored by five different industry partners. Each sub-project represents an important challenge for its sponsor.