Business Modeling for Fisheries Monitoring at Ecotrust Canada

In the past, Canada’s fisheries have been improperly managed, which has led to overfishing and general downturn of fisheries economics. Because of this, the federal government has mandated that all fisheries be monitored to ensure that the proper regulations and quotas are being followed. Recently, the onus for this monitoring has been transferred to the fisheries themselves and they are finding it costly and overwhelming. Ecotrust Canada is designing a new, less expensive and more user-friendly monitoring system and is currently testing it out in Northern BC as well as in Maine.

Pay for Performance Intervention Funding

Social impact bonds (SIB) have the potential to fund proven social innovation projects that governments have to date, for a variety of reasons, been reticent to fund. Through a SIB, private investors fund innovative social intervention work that is carried out by a non-profit. If the non-profit achieves certain social outcomes previously agreed upon by the three parties, a portion of the public savings from early intervention are given to investors as a return on their initial investment.

Industrial Health and Safety Data Management and Training Mobile Platform

Accidents can be predicted and avoided with the use of health and safety data management software. (Guzman 2013) While a variety of IT health and safety management solutions have been developed for Fortune 500 companies, few of these solutions meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. One that does is Business2Mobile’s (B2M) Web API Data Management platform, which can help small and medium size companies to keep track of health and safety data. This research will help to measure market size and competitors, and will identify gaps within the marketplace.

First Nations Entrepreneurship Development, Capacity Building and Governance: Applied Perspectives

The proposed research project objectives are to enable the participating First Nations to identify strengths and weaknesses related to economic development and governance; develop policies and support for entrepreneurship; develop programs for capacity building; strengthen leadership and management skills; build trust and new networks that will inform and involve outsiders.

TechBA: Strategic Design Process Research and Business Innovation Modeling

TechBA is a program run by the Canada-US-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) and supported by Mexico's Secretary of Economy, created to help provide access to the most dynamic business ecosystems for small and medium sized technology-based Mexican businesses interested in expanding into global markets. With eight locations in highly technologically competitive environments, its objective is to position Mexico as a world-class technology provider.

Advancing Strategic Design for Identity Finding in the Financial Services Industry

PenderFund is a small and growing mutual fund company in an industry facing rapid changes. In order to thrive in the industry, the company needs to become more sophisticated in its sales and marketing techniques. In order to move to its next phase of growth, Pender must first investigate and determine what it stands for—finding a vision and mission to guide its growth. To navigate expected industry shake-ups, Pender must increase its brand awareness and strong reputation across Canada. Primary and secondary research using strategic design processes and the Ask.Try.Do.

Same-Day Delivery Strategy into Retail Industry

The research will focus on understanding how same-day delivery courier companies can collaborate with retailers in order to form a mutually beneficial option for the end consumer. It will focus on choosing retailers that can have such service incorporated into their current operations. The challenges, risks, and considerations of the transition will be analyzed to help all parties involved. Ultimately, the research will validate the market, which will show whether there is a demand for such service.

Process mapping and documentation at Eclipse Automation: Balancing standardization and flexibility in an engineer order-to-order operation

The research will document process knowledge that is currently held by individual employees. The main objective is that this personal knowledge about processes can be shared and used to create standardized documents which, as a result, can improve coordination and collaboration. The documentation work will include reviewing existing organization's documents, engaging personnel in series of interviews, identifying the relationships between processes and performing analyses on the findings.

Treatment of Statistical Data in the Aircraft Deicing Industry

Every year, all planes must be deiced prior to airbourne when outside temperatures hit the cold seasons (fall to spring), in order to ensure a safe takeoff. Currently, trends in the deicing industry are still leaning towards having all operation informations logged down on paper slits. This approach is consuming in terms of time, material and cost, given that it can be done more efficiently with today’s advanced technology. Wiseleap Solutions Inc.

Esdilagh Development Corporation Business Action Plan Research and Development

Esdilagh Development Corporation (EDC) business Interns to perform business development research to inform the composition of business plans to ensure we have professional business guidance tools to assist EDC in engaging in business sectors as identified in the Esdilagh Economic Development Plan and Investment Profile completed in 2011. Project goals are to produce professional quality Business Plans for: