Supply Chain Demand Forecasting Improvements


The main objective of this research project is to determine if there are factors that can be used to predict future demand for StemCell Technologies products more accurately than current practices of extrapolated revenue growth.  This will require an in-depth study into StemCell’s demand management, forecasting and supply chain planning functions.  The completion of this project will allow StemCell Technologies to reduce inventories, improve customer service levels, increase revenues and supply chain efficiencies.

Identification and Evaluation of Exemplary Practices of Initiatives for the Commercialization of Innovation

The project aims to improve The Centre of Excellence for Commercialization of Research (CCR)’s business model and develop potential practices that would further help Canadian companies in commercialization. In this project the intern will identify the most effective practices including those as may generalize to improve the partner organization’s commercialization model. The project aims to classify programs and services which are related to CCR’s objective of having exemplary commercialization practices.

Methods for Network Service Recovery in Large Scale Failure Scenarios

The objective of this research is to develop methods for protection and restoration of critical infrastructure and services in face of large scale failures resulting from natural or man-made disasters, multiple equipment failures, or security attacks.  The impact of such failures on Ontario’s ever-increasingly wired economy can be enormous, and the proposed solutions so far have been costly and inefficient. Therefore, exploring more efficient solutions could provide many benefits to critical service providers.