Interaction Techniques for Coupling Personal Mobile Devices with Large Displays

We aim to use 3D stereo display to visualize a data bank of characteristics common to spiral galaxies. We plan to use an immersive environment at the Industrial Technology Centre's Virtual Reality Centre (VRC), i.e. a "half]cave" in which the user walks around and interacts with the data. Our approach will use advanced computer algorithms, supplied by nQube, working in combination with the human vision system to select colours which will be optimized for emphasizing relationships between galaxy characteristics.

Autonomic Computing Models and Adaptation of the Control Loop.

Autonomic Computing Systems are systems which are capable of self‐configuring, self‐healing, self‐optimizing and self‐protecting themselves, by constantly monitoring the current state of the system, determining if the state of the system must change and how the state must change, and finally taking appropriate action in order to bring the system to the desired state. The intern will build on previous work in autonomic computing by analyzing the impact of making changes in a control loop at runtime.

A Generative Model of Impulsive Sound Production and Propagation

The overall objective is to design a learning system that takes a training set of acoustic signals and produces a classifier that can identify the category of the acoustic signal, out of a small number of categories. We have already found that it is important to consider the factors of variation that can influence the signal, and the proposed project aims at exploiting physical modeling knowledge to structure a generative model of the acoustic production of the observed signals.

Project Portfolios in Dynamic Environments: Organizing for Uncertainty

This doctoral research will study the mechanisms put in place by organizations facing very dynamic environments to manage projectportfolios when the uncertainty level is high. The theoretical basis will include the literature on Project Portfolio Management,Organization Theory (Weick’s Sensemaking) and Strategy Theory (Dynamic Capabilities). The unit of analysis will be the processes put in place for sensing uncertainty, seizing opportunities and transforming the organization.

Visual Histories of Decision Processes for Business Intelligence

In contemporary professional work, particularly groupwork, knowing what has been done, and why it was done, is often crucial to a project's success. Further, an important aspect of organizational memory is the shared history of project work (successful and unsuccessful both). Yet, most work and project management software provide only minimal tools for supporting review, reflection and reporting of such histories. The goal of this research project is to devise, prototype and test dynamic visual histories and linked repositories for collaborative decision making.

Three-dimensional (3D) imaging libraries for the creation of virtual human models for use in education in the health

3D imaging is becoming an increasingly popular and important too in medical education. The anatomy is the founation for all health sciences and all groups of health professionals. Medical/dental students, pharmacists, physicians assistants, nurses, medical rehabilitation professionals, human biology and even arts students, will receive some form of anatomy training during their professional career. 3D virutal anatomy teaching facilitates the understanding of spatial structural relationships and facilitates a significantly enhanced and sustainable learning experience.

Simulation of a Liquid Helium Cryogenic System

This project aims to expand on an existing computer model of a liquid helium cryogenic system located at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. There are two facets to this work. The first facet is to modify and use the model to answer certain questions CLS staff members have regarding proposed cryogenic system changes and upgrades. The answers to these questions are important in helping CLS staff make decisions regarding these proposed upgrades. The second facet is to improve the coding on the current model by using established computational packages.

Secure Data Sharing and Storage for Enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often need to share sensitive data with their clients and colleagues. The existing solutions however suffer from limitations that will compromise the integrity of the data or the recipients or the business. In this proposed internship, the intern will work with Bits Republic Technologies, Inc on solutions toward cost]effective and secure data sharing.

Security Awareness Planning and Development for Web 2.0 Toys

The rapid development of Web 2.0 for massive social network collaboration and gaming facilitates the rich presence services to expose information and knowledge gathered through online social network. A Web 2.0 toy refers to an autonomous unit of handheld console enhanced by rich presence services and social utilities in the context of Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) and Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG).

Data mining on social network applications for entertainment industries

The focus of this project is to investigate the possibility of applying data mining techniques to answer high level design questions specific to the development of high quality multi©player first person shooter games. The industrial partner, Threewave Software, works on game development of multiplayer first person shooters. The company has developed a technology that enables the real©time instrumentation and storage of game play data and is hoping to use basic data analysis techniques to answer high level design questions. Examples of such questions are: