Influencing buyer behavior with Intelligent Marketing and team performance with digital coaching.

The proposed project aims to define and apply a set of AI rules based on customer sentiment, loyalty and purchase behavioral data using data from Drive CX customer experience management platform. The rules would generate “hyper-personalized” marketing offers that result in measurable increases in loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

Automated Guidelines and Standards Compliance Checking in Oil and Gas Industry

One of the important concerns in the oil and gas industry, as in many other fields, is making sure that work processes comply with the industry-specific regulations, guidelines and standards. These standards cover a plethora of requirements, from managing equipment and people, to conducting work processes that minimally impact the environment and ecosystems. For Canada, these guidelines are different among provinces.

Real-Time VLT Player Data Personae Classification

The goal of this project is to train a machine learning model that can identify player’s personae using VLT (Video Lottery Terminal) data within a transaction\time limit. The personae are results of the previews MITACS project. Using unsupervised learning each playing session was associated with a playstyle. Identifying the playstyle as soon as possible is of great importance since it can be used later for problem gambling detection in early stages of playing. Another challenge this project tries to solve is to estimate an optimal limit for transaction\time.

Employing Data Mining and Visualization Strategies for the Analysis of Well-being Indicators

In this project, an online, interactive map visualization tool will be built to illustrate trends of community well-being indicators across Nova Scotia using the 2019 Quality of Life survey as the primary source of information. The goal is to empower residents and decision-makers to understand unique well-being patterns and socio-economic trends in communities, providing an invaluable resource for planners, researchers, and policymakers, and even allow Nova Scotians to make informed decisions on where to live.

The simulation of multiple interacting garments as an outfit on a tailored avatar

For the online customer, confidence in the purchase of a garment depends on the effectiveness of sizing charts and how the garment would appear as part of an entire outfit. Unfortunately, it is difficult for the customer to precisely predict how the product would fit when worn and just how well the garment coordinates with others. This often leads to consumer regret and an increase in product returns, incurring substantial costs for clothing retailers.

Navigation and Control of Drones over 5G networks: Enhanced Communication, Adaptive Control and Drone Swarm Collision Avoidance

The current generation of cellular networks, i.e., 4G, made possible multimedia applications such as music and video streaming in the palm of your hand. The upcoming generation of cellular networks, i.e., 5G, enables new types of applications beyond what 4G offered such as augmented virtual reality, Internet of Things, cloud computing, autonomous vehicles, connected health equipment and connected industrial robots. Communications with drones are expected to be one of the important applications of 5G networks.

Data analytics on city 311 information requests

In the current era of big data, huge volumes of a wide variety of data are generated and collected at a rapid rate. Embedded in these big data is implicit, previously unknown and potentially useful knowledge and information. This calls for data science—which use techniques like data mining, machine learning, etc.—for social good. With popularity of the initiates of open data, more data are made openly accessible to citizens. An example of these open big data is data collected at the 311 contract centre in the City of Winnipeg for the 311 information requests.

Prediction of biological age based on DNA-Methylation patterns

DNA methylation is a biological process that involves the chemical modification of DNA with methyl groups at specific regions of a chromosome. DNA methylation and demethylation change the processes associated with turning on and off genes. Changes in DNA methylation patterns can be influences by environmental forces which are recorded at the molecular level and give rise to the “epigenetic clock”. In collaboration with UltraSpec Lab, a Canadian BCbased
company, we propose to develop a new method to predict an individual's “biological” age based on changes recorded in their epigenetic clock.

Validating Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Breast Cancer Detection

While mammograms remain the best available technology for early detection of breast cancer, there are a high number of false positive mammograms and biopsies, leading to increased costs to the medical system on follow-up procedures and increased patient anxiety. This project evaluates the performance of artificial intelligence (AI) systems for breast cancer detection using about 100,000 digital mammograms from the BC Cancer Breast Screening Program.

Integrating multiple deep learning models to track and classify at-risk fish species near commercial infrastructure

Companies must not harm species at risk around their fixed infrastructure and need a way to detect and monitor at risk fish. However, a species at risk cannot be tagged and studied using conventional surgically implanted fish tracking technology. Innovasea is therefore developing a platform to monitor fish using a combination of sensors such as acoustic devices, visual and active sonar and optical cameras. This effort requires a robust accurate method to detect fish and classify them by species.