Investigating Open Scholarship and Inclusive Practices in Higher Education

This project investigates the development of an online service that empowers individuals at higher education institutions to develop and deploy surveys that reveal how faculty,  staff, and students at their institutions perceive open scholarship and inclusive practices. We believe that individuals at higher education institutions will be better able to understand and advocate for open and inclusive practices if they have an empirically based understanding of the beliefs, attitudes, and intentions around these issues held by students, faculty, and staff at their home institutions.

Evolving a system for effective communication with non-speaking patients in emergencies

Individuals with cerebral palsy generally use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices to help them interact socially. The vocabularies provided in these systems are not specifically helpful in communicating during medical emergency or hospital intensive care. This project involves user-centered design and development of a software module for use in such situations, based on a vocabulary set for medical situations derived through earlier research with MC users, caregivers, speech language pathologists and medical care professionals.