Feasibility Study for Wastewater Collection and Treatment System at Aubigny community

Aubigny is a small rural community where individuals are responsible for their septic systems. Being smaller lots and close to the Red River, the potential for environmental damage such as soil, surface and ground pollution could be there. If suitable wastewater treatment system could be installed in this community then there would also be potential for more residential development. The project will determine the feasibility of creation of a sustainable wastewater treatment system that could work for such a community and ensure environmental sustainability there.

Simeio: Anomaly Detection for Building Automation System - Year two

Buildings are an important energy consumer and are equipped with hundreds of sensors and control systems. The analysis of such massive data can reveal insights for building owners to optimize the building infrastructure. Currently, usage of such data is limited to traditional control systems, energy commissioning, and maintenance on a regular basis.

Optimal recharging scheduling for urban electric buses

Implementation of alternative fuel technologies for public transportation modes stems from increasing environmental concerns, technological improvements, and increasing demand for autonomous transportation, which is well exhibited by recent trends to replace diesel buses with battery electric buses (e-bus). Yet, scheduling and operational planning of electric vehicle (EV)-based transit modes is challenging due to additional considerations for energy consumption models and driving modes.

Public Transit Feasibility Study for the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay

The Town of Happy Valley – Goose Bay is located in the central part of Labrador on the coast of Lake Melville and Churchill River and as such it plays a significant role in the area as a place of employment, education sectors, healthcare facilities, shopping, municipal services and healthcare facilities. With a population of 8,109 in 2016, it observed a huge surge in population between 1971 and 1991 in particular. The community is growing day by day but there is no existence of public transit here.

Practical implementation of an anisotropic rock mass strength model for rock slope stability analysis

As mine pit slope become higher, the implications of accurately predicted slope angles becomes greater for worker safety, environmental impact and economics. Over the past decade, data analysis and computational methods have resulted in significant research developments in this area. Utilizing these some of thee methods requires a high level of field data and large computational resources. For many projects, this may not be warranted or available.

Infrastructure Corrosion Assessment Magnetic Method (iCAMM) technology for macro and micro defect detection of rail track

Because of the usefulness of non-destructive testing in the assessment of different types of materials, they have attracted widespread interest in the last years. Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a descriptive term used for the examination of materials and components in such a way that allows materials to be examined without changing or destroying their function. NDT plays a crucial role in everyday life and is necessary to assure safety and reliability. For instance, they are widely used in detecting defects in steel rebar in reinforced concrete.

Measurement of Tailings Particles Transport Driven by Wind Erosion at Porcupine Tailings Storage Facility

This project is designed to characterize the effect of flocculant addition to mine tailings for the reduction of mine dust dispersion. Mine dust prevention is of importance for mine management as well as to reduce the possible dispersion of dust to nearby urban centers like Timmins and Porcupine Lake. To assess the effect of flocculation, we will use collected micrometeorological data as well as tailings material characterization to parameterize wind erosion and dispersion models. The project results will help provide recommendations towards the development of a dust emission management plan.

Evaluation of Dimensional Stability and Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Mass Timber Panel

Norbord Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of wood-based panels supplying primarily to the low-rise residential and industrial market in United States, Europe, and Canada. It seeks to improve market diversification and increase its market penetration in the mid-to-high rise construction market. The objective of this project is to evaluate the dimensional stability and mechanical properties of this hybrid MTP as well as to investigate cost-effective manufacturing process.

Advanced non-destructive testing solutions for mass concrete and deepfoundations

This project aims to develop an improved methodology for condition assessment of mass concrete structures and deep foundations using customized NDT solutions and an integrated approach. The project builds on recent advances developed by the project partner (FPrimeC Solutions) and the academic research group (uOttawa) for next-generation NDT products and services. Assessing the condition of large foundations and other mass concrete structures is complex, yet critical for the protection and maintenance of valuable infrastructure assets.

Development of a software module for integrity analysis of subsea pipelines facing ice-induced geohazards

The Arctic Region is considered an extreme environment for natural resources extraction. One potential threat to an Offshore Pipeline is the constant movement of ice based structures, such as icebergs and ice ridges. The project is focused on developing a numerical methodology to simulate the effects of ice gouging/ ice scouring on buried pipelines. The developed tool will incorporate all the latest advances in terms of soil properties and sophisticated interactions modeling between ice, soil and pipeline.