3D Printable conductive nanocomposite sensors for CRFID moisture, strain, and temperature sensing in composite pipes

Transportation of oil and gas through pipeline networks remain a crucial infrastructure for sustainable economic growth in Canada. Pipeline wear and damage will remain a major concern as it can lead to catastrophic failures causing environmental and economic damage if undetected. For easier detection of damage on a large network of pipelines, an array of wireless radio frequency identification tags was developed for steel pipes. However, the material used for the tags were not suitable for pipes made with polymer composites as the stiffness of the copper could damage it.

Effect of polymers on wettability of bitumen and on stability of bitumen emulsions.

The proposed research project is aimed at enhancing our understanding of interactions of several biodegradable low molecular weight polymers with the different components of aqueous oil sand suspensions. The work is designed to assess the effect of the polymers on a number of fundamental phenomena that govern several unit operations during oil sands processing and subsequent tailings disposal.

Automatic Tracking, Localization and Orientation of Hockey Players, Using Broadcast Videos

Automatic analysis of sport videos is an attractive research area in computer vision that is driving the sport analytics towards a more technological edge. By automatically analyzing sport videos, lots of information could be drawn that benefits the teams, coaches, referees, players and even the fans, such as: extracting strategy of the game, technique and performance of each individual player, performance of the referee in a competition, and etc. This area of research, although attracted many researchers in computer vision community, is still in its infancy.

Photoacoustic remote sensing microscopy for pre-clinical and clinical applications

There is a desperate need for a fast, non-contact, non-invasive, safe and accurate technique that can measure oxygen saturation, oxygen metabolic activity and multilayered histology-like information. Oxygen saturation and oxygen metabolic activity play a vital role in understanding several diseases including early tumour and vision loss diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, when the oncologic care team must to remove a tumour, it is essential that no malignant tissue left behind.

A Mitacs Applied Research Proposal for Teck Resources: Leveraging Non-Technical Risk (NTR) Evaluation Best Practices to Improve Decision Quality

This work aims to take the academic research one step further to customize recommendations based on academic research findings on the identification and valuation of non-technical risks. It aims to improve the operationalization of the corporate strategy in the investment decision criteria guideline that involves both risks to the projects and risks to the people.

Optimization of new hydrophobic pulp on conventional pulp moulding machines

Moulded pulp, is a packaging material, made from recycled papers. It is used for protective packaging such as egg packaging, fruit trays and coffee cup carriers. For many applications moulded pulp is less expensive and environmentally friendly than plastics and styrofoams, however, due to their high water absorption and low strength, these products are limited to only few packaging products. Biobinder, a biobased binder, has been developed from University of Toronto to imparts water repellency and improves the strength of moulded pulp products.

Digital Oilfield – An Integrated Approach

Along with the development of Industry 4.0, the Oil and Gas Industry has employed Digital Twins as new way to lower cost, monitor assets, optimize maintenance, and minimize downtime by creating the connection between the physical world and the digital world. The digital oilfield collect enormous amounts of data from sensors, measuring devices, and other sources. The quantity of data is updated frequently and grows dramatically over time. This data must be stored, managed, and analyzed.

A React-on-Demand (RoD) Process for Printed Electronics

Frequency Selective Surfaces/Structures (FSSs) have great potential to be a mean for improving the capability of communication with Radio Frequency (RF) signals. Although the printed circuit board (PCB) technique is widely available for fabricating FSS, it is difficult to implement using flexible substrates. Its routine process is tedious, costly and environmentally harmful. Other emerging techniques using nano-particle inks also inherently involve large challenges, such as pre- and post-processing, dispersion, agglomeration, and final cost.

Investigations and Analysis of Industrial Internet of Things Ecosystems

Rimot monitors, controls and provides insights into remote critical infrastructure through the use of enabling technologies such as data analytics, security and advanced networking.  Critical research areas in data analytics, security and advanced networking are beneficial for the creation of unique intellectual property and commercialization opportunities for Rimot.  This project will focus on the investigations and analysis of industrial Internet of Things ecosystems including, exploring the impacts of IOT security and threat assessment using port and naval systems; determining the optima

Improving energy system planning solutions by accounting for inherent uncertainties through robust optimization

More and more distributed energy resources (smart loads, self-generation, electric vehicles, etc.) are installed directly at the customers.  This causes fluctuations in the distribution network that can reverse the power flow or increase the cold pick-up effect.