Direct CO2 Capture with Amine-Functionalized Metal–Organic Frameworks (MOFs) – Experimental and Modeling

This project supports a carbon management project involving Advanced CERT Canada active in Energy and Environment. The project aims to remove obstacle to cost effective developments of carbon emission reduction in Canada. This will be through developing strategies and techniques to capture CO2 using Amine-Functionalized MOFs. The MITACS support will be used to hire a research assistant to support the activities envisaged in the project. The researcher will be supporting computational modelling and design and operations of tests systems at Memorial University (MUN).

Vehicle Re-identification using Computer Vision and Machine Learning

This work aims to design and develop an efficient visual based vehicle re-identification system for International Road Dynamic. Vehicle re-identification, which is defined as: Identifying, classifying, and position-referencing a vehicle of interest through images/video streams collected via a network of camera stations, plays a key role towards developing intelligent transportation system.

Dynamic Network Management and Performance Optimization for Smart Talk Beacon’s security architecture

Internet of things (IoT) systems require significant management related to external intrusions, internal threats, device failures, access management, and performance monitoring. In addition to network management issues, quality of service (QoS) must be maintained to predict changes and determine device and network performance. A good IoT system should be able to identify, track, and mitigate problems while dynamically adjusting its operation.

An investigation into Dynamic Bluetooth Mesh

Audyse Technology is currently developing a Bluetooth communication system to be embedded into personal protective equipment for people who work in environments with consistent noise, this includes factory workers, construction, land scaping, as well as recreational activities such as motorcycling. Current Bluetooth provides point to point connections and can generally support two (sometimes three) devices connected at once. This will not work for scenarios where multiple people need to talk to each other at once and are spread out over a range that standard Bluetooth will not work.

An Innovative Approach to Optimize Heavy Oil Recovery Using a Novel Synthesized Liquid Catalyst

Chemical-assisted enhanced oil recovery (EOR) has recently received a great deal of attention as a means of improving the efficiency of oil recovery processes. Since heavy oil production is technically challenging due to its high viscosity and high asphaltene content, therefore, new recovery techniques are often tested and applied in lab-scale. This study will contribute to general progress in this area by synthesizing liquid catalyst (LC) in the lab and applying it to enhance the heavy oil recovery.

Development and Prototype of Safe and High-Energy Electric Double-Layer Capacitors - Part 4

Supercapacitors are electrochemical energy storage devices that allow electricity to be stored for later use and play an essential role in utilizing intermit renewable energy. This collaborative project between Dr. Jian Liu’s group at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Atlas Power Generation, a Vancouver-based clean tech company, will develop a high-energy, safe, and low-cost supercapacitors technology by materials and electrolyte innovation. The interns will develop thick carbon electrode and prototype and analyze pouch-cell supercapacitors at an industry-relevant scale.

Improving stirred milling performance by selecting suitable media type with optimum bead sizing

This research intends to investigate the impact of media type and size on stirred mill performance. Stirred milling tests will be performed with ceramic medias of different mechanical properties and sizing. The energy-size reduction relationships under each test condition will be analyzed. The effect of media type and size on media wear rate will also be investigated as the media cost accounts for alarge portion of the total cost of stirred milling process.

Post-Consumer Plastics Recycling

International legislation and growing environmental issues have imposed a lot of pressure on companies andmanufacturers to maximize the recycling systems. Such demands have had significant consequences for theplastic industries to use recycled plastics from the disposed plastic wastes. Therefore, this study is an initiativetaken by the Nanomaterials and Polymer Nanocomposites Laboratory (NPNL) at the University of British Columbiaand Recycling Alternative Inc. in Vancouver, BC, to obtain a comprehensive understanding of plastic recyclingand its market.

Towards Improving Stainless Steel Cathode Performance during Copper Electrodeposition

Stainless steel permanent cathodes are widely used in the electrodeposition of copper during its production. Copper is mechanically-stripped from the permanent cathode on a regular basis, after which the cathode is typically visually inspected, water-washed and returned to the production cell. However, offline refurbishment is required to ensure a high quality product (chemical purity, surface roughness and morphology), and efficient mechanical stripping and tank house operation.

Development of a Cloud-Based Immersive Digitization Application for Asset Integrity Management in Energy Sectors

Asset integrity management (AIM) is a critical tool to ensure utilities perform their function effectively and efficiently and provide services to society safely. Field operation activities for integrity assessment of various underground/aboveground assets and their respective data management face various challenges. In this project the research team will develop an AR-assisted integrity management platform that will aid complex field operations to utilize an intelligent and interactive immersive visualization.