Video-On Demand Equipment Allocation

The content delivery network market is undergoing rapid growth as a broadband penetration develops and the demand for Internet delivery of high-quality media increases. To facilitate the planning phase of Video-on-Demand (VoD) networks, in collaboration with Nortel Networks, we developed the VoD Equipment Alocation Tool.

Modelling the Wave Climate of Vancouver Island Using Multi-Directional Wave Buoy Data

SyncWave Energy Inc (SEI) is a domestic developer of wave energy conversion technology. In 2008, SyncWave aims to deliver small commercial SyncWave Power Resonators (SPR) for generating electricity in isolated communities and off-shore installations. SEI is collaborating with University of Victoria researchers to deploy a TRIAXYS™ Directional Wave Buoy to obtain a wave spectra representative of the deployment location. The field data will then be used to determine which of the various theoretical wave spectra are most appropriate for the Vancouver Island wave climate.

Developing Algorithms for a Multi-camera System to Locate People Within a Store

This internship project aims at creating a system prototype using several surveillance cameras in order to measure customer traffic inside stores. At the moment, most counting methods use sensors that do not differentiate between repeat visits by the same individual and single visits by different individuals. Moreover, these methods cannot always distinguish between potential customers and store employees or security personnel, thus reducing the quality of the counting measurements.

Aiding in the Design of an Efficient, Robotic System for Manufacturing Scalable Models

Precix is a leading manufacturer of CNC routers, dispensers, engravers and laser cutting systems. The goal of this project concerns the optimal design of a robotic finisher which is, in part, a novel manufacturing process used to replicate and scale-up 3D models. Applications are mainly in the movie and art industries. In these fields, there is the need to replicate few copies which generally have highly-detailed shapes. This project will focus on the system design of the robotic finisher and on the optimal design of its robotic head.

Laser Camera Data Processing Algorithms

This project involves the modelling and implementation of algorithms using data collected with a laser triangulation camera. This camera is used to produce highly precise three-dimensional measurements inside rooms. It is activated manually or through a mechanical arm and takes measurements along three orthogonal axes.

Lab-based Accelerated Vibration Testing for Articles in the Baggage Bay Area of the Motor Coach in the Vertical Direction

Motor Coach Industries Ltd. (MCI), a manufacturer of intercity coaches serving charter and tour operations, requires extensive field tests to validate the durability performance of coaches and components. To reduce the time and expense of these field tests, the intern will conduct mathematical analysis of the recorded acceleration signals in the baggage bay area of a motor coach. Using extensive acceleration data collected by MCI engineers, the intern will identify the predominant vibration modes and study the relationship among these modes.

Design of Linear-Phase Mirror-Image Symmetric Filter Banks for Image Compression Coding

The discrete cosine transform (DCT) has widely been used in image and video compression coding. However, the conventional DCT causes severe block artifacts in the compressed image in low-bit-rate coding applications. The block effect is perceived as visible discontinuities cross the block boundaries. Many researchers have proposed other techniques, such as the filter bank approach, to remove or suppress this undesirable feature.

Design and Implementation of IEEE 802.16j MMR Networks

Sparkmatrix, a provider of online tools for property managers, has positioned one of its next-generation service provisioning commodities at IEEE 802.16 networks (or Wimax). The company successfully delivered IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.16 services to their customers. To improve the service quality and coverage, they considered deploying relays in order to erase any possible black notes and service deficiencies in buildings and offices.

Computational Models for the Analysis of Aircraft Structures

Viking Aerospace Ltd., a company providing engineering support services for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), is currently seeking approval of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the DHC-3 Turboprop conversion kit. This conversion kit has provisions for a nose fuel tank. A separate STC is desired for the addition of this tank. In order to gain approval for the fuel tank STC, compliance must be shown to FAR 23 regulations.

Assymetric Lossless Compression via Algorithmic Self-organizing Structures

This internship project with Deep Compression Inc. aims to produce a prototype demonstrating a new technique for asymmetric lossless data compression. Unlike conventional compression techniques, this prototype will allow representational information to be recovered using an algorithmic recovery procedure, algorithmic self-organizing structure (ASOS).