Development of a Temperature-dependant Elastoplastic Constitutive Model for Metals and Alloys

The test characterization of the stress-strain relationship and the fatigue/failure behaviour under combined mechanical-thermal cyclic loadings for pressure vessels in the petrochemical industry is quite expensive and time consuming. An alternative approach is the finite element numerical analysis which requires an accurate and reliable mathematical constitutive model for the metallic materials. In this project, a temperature-dependent elastoplastic material model will be developed.

Development of Production Planning Models

The Scotsburn Dairy Group produces over 300 ice cream products for many customers in a highly variable, seasonable market. Currently, no software packages exist in the market to help small to medium-sized dairies manage their production planning and scheduling. By working with Scotsburn, a production scheduling tool will be created which is tailored to the complex needs of a dairy production facility. This tool will help Scotsburn to plan their production efficiently and effective to make the most of the capacity and remain competitive.

Cryptographic Security Solution for Laptops

In their various versions (XP, 2003, Vista, Longhorn), Windows operating systems offer different cryptographic security technologies for data such as Encrypted File System and BitLocker. The capabilities of these tools depend on the presence of hardware modules for example, the Trusted Platform Module. The aim of this project is to complete a comprehensive study of the usage made of these technologies so that step-by-step tutorials can be prepared to guide users of these technological tools as per requirements.

Developing Microkinetics Oxidation Models

The emissions of NOx and SO2 are subject to increasingly severe environmental regulations. In an effort to reduce the amount of NOx and SO2 emitted by DuPont’s industrial facilities, the intern will develop new capabilities in NOx and SO2 absorption modeling. During the project, the intern will begin by learning the ChemKin™ software, which he will apply to simulate the absorption of NOx and SO2 into caustic. Caustic is a liquid solution currently used to “clean” exhaust gases from NOx and SO2 in wet scrubber equipment.

Stochastic Modelling of Pre-sales and Network Request Provisioning Sub-processes at Bell Canada

The objective of this project is to contribute a quantitative framework for analyzing potential inefficiencies of current practices at Bell Canada in the early stages of telecommunication service provisioning, particularly pre-sales and network request sub-processes. Models of these processes incorporating randomness are to be estimated from past data and utilized as a basis for efficiency improvement using both simulation and analytical optimization tools.

Novel Approaches for Heart Failure Screening Based on Ballistocardiograph Signals

Identifying early onset of cardiac diseases is not easy and can be very expensive. For this reason, the first symptom of cardiac problems is often catastrophic for patients. The ultimate goal of this project is to produce a low-cost screening device that effectively identifies the presence of the disease early, allowing patients to take corrective action in terms of lifestyle, diet and stress management in order to eliminate the need for surgical intervention and/or drug therapy.

Monitoring Sleep-related Breathing Irregularities with Computer Vision Techniques

Sleep monitoring plays an essential role in the diagnosis of sleep disturbances. While the polysomnogram represents the gold standard, it has the disadvantage of assessing the patient’s sleep in an unfamiliar environment, usually a sleep clinic. This proposal targets the development of new computer vision-based methods for home-based sleep monitoring in partnership with Vigil Health Solutions, a company providing healthcare services and products internationally.

Lie Algebra Image Processing Applied to Intrinsic Optical Imaging

Optical imaging and the underlying image analysis has seen tremendous progress in recent years. Although it is now possible to perform multi-modal acquisition, the analysis frameworks for multi-modal data remain elusive. For example, the different scales and resolutions at which the images are taken require the use of mathematical techniques to deform, analyze and co-register images in a coherent framework. In parallel, J. Patera and his research group have, over the last few years, developed new Lie Algebra-based techniques to process images and perform continuous operations on them.

Gaming Floor Performance Prediction

The purpose of this internship project is to explore the possibility for mathematically modelling casino floors in order to predict floor performance in partnership with SPIELO, a Moncton, NB-based company which designs, manufactures and distributes high-tech gaming products. Such a model could be used to assist floor operators with deciding where to place games. Recent advancements in game machine technology make it possible to change a game provided at a given location on a casino floor by simply downloading software to a physical machine permanently placed at that location.

An Integrated Evaluation and Planning System for Supporting Sustainable Management of Groundwater Resources

Groundwater over-extraction and the associated adverse effects have raised significant concerns. In order to respond to the urgent calls for effective management approaches and control actions, this study aims to develop an innovative groundwater evaluation and planning system by integrating water balance modelling, system optimization, scenario analysis and capability assessment.