Luminance study of LED lighting systems with 3D light-guides

Light emitting diode (LED) is the future of lighting. In this project, we will work with LOOM Inc., a lighting Innovation and marketing company, to Improve the lighting efficiency and quality of an LED lighting fixture designed based on the revolutionary concept of the waveguide, demonstratively Improved on by LOOM Inc.

Development of an advanced ice dynamics and deterioration model and a DEM flexural ice failure model

Offshore Newfoundland is an ice-prone environment which holds valuable natural resources. Better understanding of the ice environment and ice characteristics in this region is essential for safe and economical offshore activities.

Crowd-Sourced Bathymetry in the Northern Canada areas

The main objective of these two subprojects is to provide a web portal for uploading hydrography related data of sensors system embedded on fishing boat of volunteers in Canada Northern communities. Indeed, the geospatial portal will provide a comprehensive framework to allow for the storage, discovery and accessibility of the bathymetric and related oceanographic data from a data repository enabling to be functional including low Internet connection setup. Once, the data uploaded on the server, cross-validation and data format standards will be checked through the system.

Evolution of resource revenue sharing in resource-rich countries: characteristics and implementation

This research intends to equip the stakeholders with better understanding of the successful applications of revenue sharing mechanisms at national and local levels in resource-rich countries. The work will identify the “new norms” of the industry and government in resource revenue sharing arrangements and provide a description of the model approach on resource revenue sharing with a long-term implementation and benefits. The lessons and priorities of the international practices around the resource revenue sharing would help to find the common ground on the evolving topic.

Analysis and Design of Double Layer Electric Supercapacitor for Wholesale Grid Application

Storing electrical charge has been one of the top demands for human being during his lifespan. Nowadays, energy storage systems are among the most concern around the globe. The ability to provide a special class of electric energy storage devices that can complement or replace batteries and harvesting applications when high power delivery or uptake is required has drawn much more attention. With introducing double layer supercapacitors (DLEC) the demand for more rapid charge/discharge rates as compared with batteries has been increased.

Experimental investigation of dowel laminated panels reinforced with steel threaded bars under weak axis bending

StructureCraft Ltd is a renowned Canadian company for its quality mass timber products and ability to fabricate complex design. The company proposed a new methodology for reinforcing dowel laminated timber panels while the performance is yet to be investigated experimentally. The proposed research here will investigate the performance of this methodology under experimental tests. Both the standard loading and long-term loading conditions will be considered.

Effects of the porous medium and pressure drawdown on the foamy-oil flow and heavy oil recovery in the CHOPS reservoirs

Western Canada has vast heavy oil deposits in many thin heavy oil reservoirs with less than 10-m main pay zones. The cold heavy oil production with sand (CHOPS) is the primary production process in the heavy oil reservoirs. However, a typical CHOPS process can recover only 5?15% of the initial oil-in-place. As a secondary heavy oil recovery method, waterflooding has had a limited success in the past.

Generative Adversarial Networks for Addressing Data Privacy Issues

It is extremely important to preserve privacy of our citizens. One way to do it is to detect private information in the document and to indicate to owner of the documents that the documents contain privacy information. In order to develop machine learning algorithms to detect privacy data in the documents, the algorithms need to be trained with the existing documents that are annotated to point out private information. Access to those documents for training is limited since in many cases they are private as well.

Measurement-Based Geospatial Data Management

This project will develop and test a geospatial data management system for land surveyors. The system will of a mobile client for data collection and a web service that integrates and stores the data long term. Data processing will use the most accurate geodetic techniques to ensure data quality and optimal data integration strategies will be determined in the course of the project. The Intern will have the opportunity to develop project management and software development skills through hands on experience and will reinforce his knowledge of geodesy and geomatics.

Numerical modeling and evaluation of mixing behavior and grinding efficiency in FLSmidth VXP vertical stirred mill

Stirred mill grinding is a complex and energy-intensive process that involves multiple phases. Multi-scale phenomena that drive hydrodynamic and particle breakage processes in the stirred mill are still not fully understood, due to a number of operating and design parameters that affect mill performance, including disk and barrel geometry, agitation rate, grinding media size and fill volume, and slurry properties, which are further limiting our abilities to monitor, model, and predict this complex operation.