The ARGO Analytics Engine

For producers of film and TV, extending a brand into the digital space can be a daunting enterprise. Estimating how successful a Twitter campaign or an Alternate Reality Game has been in fostering the proliferation and audience goodwill towards a TV or Film entity can be a frustratingly inscrutable endeavor. Even if a campaign seems to have been a critical success--the copious amounts of textual and statistical data at-hand can make it nearly impossible to find out what went right--less, what went wrong. ARGO seeks to solve this problem.

Enhancements/Tools for an Intelligent Voice-Centric Application

For educational voice-centric applications on computer and electronic devices, the proposed project aims to investigate methodologies and tools to support collaborative production environments. The company is developing proprietary collaborative production methods to support high quality on-demand content for mobile applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional models.

Hybrid encryption and intrusion detection for an e-commerce database

The recent rapid growth of web-based applications and information systems has increased the risk exposure of databases and, thus, the security and protection of data from internal and external threats is more crucial than ever. Damage and misuse of data affect not only a single user or application, but may have disastrous consequences on an entire organization. The partner company’s database contains sensitive financial transactions information and customers can have direct and immediate online access to business information that pertains to them anywhere anytime.

Interactive visualization of design stories for parametric design systems

This project involves the development and implementation of a visualization, analysis and exploration prototype for a parametric CAD tool. The prototype focuses on the design process; that is, the collection of actions taken by designers as they develop solutions. The visualization will allow designers to analyze, understand and make better decisions based on single actions and/or patterns across time. Designers using the prototype will be able to explore new design solutions derived from this knowledge using the visualization itself.

AWE technology development project - the virtual history of Fort York

Divani's AWE Augmented Reality product is expected to assist Fort York to create a more engaging experience for the attraction’s 100,000 annual visitors. By combining the historical value of Fort York with the immersive experience of AR, the organization will be able to increase revenue to assist with its financial goals. Divani Films is expected to benefit from a successful rollout by generating new revenue streams from the licensing of AWE technology and/or forming additional partnerships within the tourism industry as well as other industries (gaming, sports, etc.).

Hybridity media’s circles software design and interface research

Hybridity Media’s Circles, is a user-friendly software application. With motion senor technology and light projections, it causes the audience to become the art by painting a visual portrait on a screen using their dynamic body movements.

Hybridity’s design of the Aga Khan Museum opening, using our signature interactive art installation techniques, is an opportunity to fuse a thousand years of early history with the future of electronic artistry.

Designing a kinect camera-based API to detect qualities of movement

Despite enormous advances in technology, digital interfaces continue to rely on text and image based communication, demonstrating a lack of support for full-body sensory engagement, and downplaying the body’s role in communication and experience. This dependence on visual modes of input and output relies heavily on an individual’s attention, presenting problems for people performing tasks such as walking or driving. There is currently much work being done on gestural movement interaction as an alternative input method with most research addressing functional or task-oriented movement.

TRA(P) – A Language for Describing Motion in 2d Contemporary Art

The internship will investigate existing techniques and languages to analyze, describe and visualize  motion, movement or flow characteristics in a number of different fields and application areas including optical flow for video and visual effects, and Laban Motion Analysis for physical movement. The goal is to draw on existing approaches to define a language to describe motion in 2D art images, and for the purpose of manipulating images to better suit different compositions and spatial layouts.