Rotator cuff tears: a covert source of shoulder disability (Prognostic value of patient’s demographic, clinical and genetic factors)

This study aims to develop a scoring system to screen the sub-clinical forms of rotator cuff tears and predict the tear progression. All the medical, genetic, work, and lifestyle backgrounds of individuals with rotator cuff defects (with and without symptoms) will be evaluated and a battery of manual tests and measurements will be performed to understand the predisposing risk factors for both sub-clinical and clinical manifestations.

Development of easy-to-prepare pulse-based meals for consumption by office workers to combat the negative health consequences of a sedentary work environment

The project will involve the development of seven “pulse-based” lunches, which are designed to be easy to prepare (i.e. “out of the package”) for people in a typical busy office work environment. Pulses include non-oil legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, beans, and peas, which are a major component of the Canadian agricultural industry and an environmentally sustainable crop (i.e. they require low greenhouse gas input). The post-doctoral applicant (Maryam Kazemi) helped develop a pulse recipe book from a previous clinical trial where pulses reduced risk factors (i.e.

Inhibiting somatostatin signaling in animal models of diabetes

The prevalence of diabetes is growing rapidly and currently, over 60 million people worldwide use insulin treatment to manage their diabetes. However, insulin treatment can result in hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels. To date only retroactive treatments are available to treat hypoglycemia, which affects an individual’s quality of life and increases the likelihood of recurring bouts of hypoglycemia as well as development of cardiovascular or renal disease.

Validation and Usability Analysis for a Return to Work Software Platform

Benefit payments totaled 2.5 billion dollars for Ontario workplaces in 2015. The most common injury resulting in occupational lost time claims is a strain or sprain. These injuries indicate that despite massive efforts to reduce musculoskeletal injuries in Canadian workplaces, these issues are still a prominent source of disability and have an associated $2.5 billion annual economic burden.

Tobacco-Concurrent Addictions and At-risk Youth in Ottawa: A Mixed Methods Community-Based Participatory Action Research Project (TCAY-Ottawa)

This proposed research project will aim to understand current attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours related to tobacco smoking and drug use. Based on these findings, an existing intervention for tobacco dependence management and point of care, known as PROMPT will be modified for a non-mainstream youth population. The youth sample undergoing the intervention will be followed for 6 months, and these results will be assessed for reduction and/or quitting of tobacco smoking and drug use behaviours.

Action Research on Youth Physical Literacy in Recreation

Physical literacy means developing the foundational skills and the confidence required to participate in regular physical activity, play a sport or get to the podium. Research shows that physical activity levels start to decline as children enter into adolescence. Recreation organizations, such as YMCA Calgary are interested in finding out how their programs help support youth to stay active.

Characterizing use of the Vancouver public bike share system through 2018

Public bikeshares intend to provide an active, accessible, environmentally friendly and compact transportation alternative—particularly useful for travelling short distances and the “last mile” of a trips to and within a busy, dense urban core. In 2016 Vancouver launched a public bikeshare. Vancouver’s climate, culture, and bike route system provides a strong foundation for success, but there are concerns given the all-ages helmet legislation, long debated as a barrier to uptake of cycling and a threat to public bike share success worldwide.

Having a pulse for the group: An app-based approach to collecting multiple time-point longitudinal data

The goal of the project is to evaluate and refine an app-based questionnaire that provides a multi-faceted assessment of the social dynamics and culture of teams and organizations. This partnership and multi-phase project with VictoryLab involves (a) systematically examining and refining their questionnaire items to ensure their app-based assessment tool provides valid and reliable insights into the group dynamics of organizations and teams, and (b) conducting interviews with end-users of the app to understand ways to optimize the information shared with them through the app.

The effect of a topical analgesic on neuromuscular endurance and pain

It has been shown that topically applied gels, which contain menthol, result in a cooling sensation and reduce the sensation of pain. Because neuromuscular endurance activity leads to sweating and muscle pain we seek to discover the effect of BioFreeze on various forms of neuromuscular endurance activity and muscle soreness. This discovery will require 3 main research objectives, all of which will be conducted as research studies with the goal to be published in peer-reviewed journals.

Assessing traumatic brain injury knowledge and awareness at community organizations serving women who have experienced intimate partner violence

It is clear that TBI affects a large proportion of survivors of IPV, yet the supports and services provided to this population typically do not take TBI into account. Gaining a better understanding of the barriers and facilitators to TBI knowledge and awareness for staff working in this sector and using this knowledge to inform the development of a sector specific knowledge tool has the potential to reduce the emotional, social, and financial costs of IPV to Canadian society