Time series analysis for forecasting television ratings and market share

Television ratings in Canada are collected by BBM Canada, a not-for-profit organization that serves all the major television networks in Canada. Monthly surveys of 30,000 households collect a range of data on demographic variables and television viewing habits. The proposed research is to investigate models that take into account market swings between various modes of television signal delivery: off-air, cable, digital satellite and digital cable.

Task Optimization and Workforce Scheduling


The Methods Engineering Department at Bombardier Aerospace in Toronto faces several challenges when planning their production layout and schedules for the Q400 commercial aircraft. The major issues include the precedence relationships between tasks, operator skill level, labour union regulations, physical layout of the working zones, and target cycle time.

Partial differential equations for seismic imaging.

The goal of the project is to implement specific numerical algorithms for rendering high resolution seismic images, using a parallel processing framework.

Mathematical modeling of cancer cell movement through biological fiber networks

Cancer is classified into various stages of malignancy. The highest and most lethal stage is characterized by tumor invasion and  metastasis. There are basically two mechanisms for cancer metastasis, (i) transport of malignant cells through the blood  stream and (ii) active movement of tumor cells into healthy tissue. In this project we are interested in the second mechanism.