Exploring the therapeutic and central effects of Dysport compared to other botulinum toxin type A formulations for treating cervical dystonia

Cervical dystonia (CD) is a painful, disabling neurological condition involving involuntary contraction of neck muscles that twist/pull the head and is associated with impaired brain sensory-motor processing. Treatment involves injecting botulinum toxin type A (BoNT-A) every 3-months into the neck muscles causing these movements. There are 3 available BoNT-A formulations; Botox® and Xeomin® are used in our clinic. However, many patients experience short-lasting and sub-optimal effects as patients would prefer shorter injection cycles, which is not recommended in the product monographs.

Psilocybin dosing and adult neurogenesis

Psilocybin is a psychedelic compound that alters states of consciousness to allow free imagination and insightful creativity. Its ability to induce complex behavioral and psychological changes has led to its resurgence in psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy. Despite positive clinical efficacy from ahandful of trials, an optimal (or even variable) treatment paradigm has yet to be established.

DNA Damage Repair Germline Rare Variants as Predictors of Metastasis and Response to PARP Inhibitors

The intern will investigate whether normal DNA variants can cause prostate tumors to be more aggressive and to metastasize. If confirmed this mean the risk of metastasis could be predicted at diagnosis-even diagnosis at very early stage. Moreover, the intern will investigate whether the same DNA variants predict for effective FDA approved therapies that could be used very early before the cancer has metastasized. The partner will benefit from being introduced to the field of prostate cancer and the engineering of cancer genomes to model susceptibility and resistance to cancer therapeutics.

Investigating the efficacy of an injectable bacterin vaccine in reducing bacterial pneumonia in pre-weaned lambs and feedlot lambs

This study will investigate the ability of an injectable vaccine to reduce illness and death due to pneumonia in lambs born and raised in a feedlot setting. If the vaccine is effective, it will improve the welfare of the lambs on the farm where the study is conducted, reduce antibiotic usage and costs, and improve profitability for the company that owns the farm. If proven to be effective the study will help to justify the use of this vaccine beyond this population (i.e. other Alberta and Canadian farms) and help to support the use of respiratory vaccines for the livestock industry in general.

Biophysical Characterization of Novel PARP Inhibitors

PARP inhibitors are an FDA-approved treatment for breast, ovarian and prostate cancers. This project
aims to develop 3 new classes of PARP inhibitors, 2 of which can target multiple pathways with a single
drug, helping to prevent resistance to the PARP inhibitors and enabling the combination of 2 drug
treatments without the added side effects that a sequential treatment would have.

In Pursuit of Local Histories: Regent Park Film Festival and the Immediacy of the Archive

To commemorate its 20th anniversary in 2022, the Regent Park Film Festival will commission four local IBPOC artists (prioritizing gender diversity and those from Regent Park or similar communities in Toronto) to produce digital media art works that engage with the history of Regent Park. The basis for their artistic engagements will include visual source material such as archival footage of Regent Park (documentaries, news coverage, home videos from residents etc.), as well as narrative forms set in Regent Park (short and feature films, web series episodes, music videos etc.).

Creating a Digital Marketing Model Built on Corporate Social Responsibility

The proposed project seeks to better understand how contingency, dynamic capability, and task-technology theories factor in business process management models that apply to the business needs of SMEs and allow multiple system integration. Because a lot of research shows that the alignment of the business and IT goals of a company is crucial for business system success, the proposed project will focus on studying the possible integration of business goals and IT capabilities in the process of business management system creation.

Targeting the ubiquitin system function through GID4 - Year two

Protein turnover is an incompletely understood aspect of biology, important for various processes including adaption to environmental stimuli. Over 500 protein complexes (E3 ligases) are involved in marking proteins for degradation, but only a small number of these E3 ligases are well characterised. The current project seeks to develop chemical inhibitors of GID4—a key component of an E3 ligase complex called C-terminal to LisH (CTLH). This E3 ligase is thought to play a role in nutrient sensing and autophagy, which are both implicated in chemotherapy resistance of cancer cells.

Production of 89Zr on High Current Cyclotron Solid Target

Although there are currently suppliers for 89Zr, it is anticipated with its increasing use in PET imaging that additional supply will be required to meet demand. This project seeks to develop a method to make large amounts of 89Zr using a type of particle accelerator called a cyclotron. Our group has previously developed a solid target station to produce a different isotope, which will be adapted to produce 89Zr.

The Economic Impact, Social, and Public Value of MedicAlert Foundation Canada (MAFCA)

In Canada, about 1 in every 3 Canadians has a medical condition, or takes medication, that would be important
to know about in an emergency situation. That’s why, since 1961, Medic Alert Foundation Canada (MAFCA) has
helped to protect over 1 million Canadians by helping first responders and healthcare providers get access to
health information quickly. However, though the work of MAFCA is undoubtedly important, we do not yet
understand the full impact or value of this work.