Une nouvelle plateforme de nanothérapie contre le cancer de la prostate basée sur la photo-ablation, à l’aide d’imagerie et de surveillance

Prostate Cancer has become the most diagnosed cancer in men in Canada. Nanoparticles have a myriad of unique properties, the most striking is their incredible ability to absorb light and convert this energy into intense heat. Therefore, the placement of particles to a tumor, dissipating extreme near-field energy, would cause complete ablation. In realizing this goal, we have selected multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) as they afford us: 1. extreme heat generating properties, 2. easily functionalized with many different molecules, and 3. safe
without systemic toxic effects.

In-Class Testing of VUCAVU.com in Postsecondary Settings

Our research will focus on ways VUCAVU.com can meet the increasing demand for online access to Canadian independent film and video for use in educational contexts. The purpose is twofold; first, in-class testing of our new private page online streaming functions and secondly, to gather feedback from the instructors on their online class processes and platform user experiences. This research will help guide our future development and give us insight into what educators and students need from a service like ours.

Gut Microbiota Composition and Behaviour in Domestic Dogs (Canis familiaris)

This study will investigate the links between dog behaviour and gut microbiome content in dogs living in St John’s and surrounding areas. The temperament of each dog will be assessed using an online behavioural questionnaire, and additional information will be collected about the dog’s lifestyle, diet and medical history. The intern will take fecal samples from dogs of a range of personality types (including anxious and aggressive) to assess the bacterial content of the gut through DNA analysis.

Developing a surrogate marker to asthmatic tissue: the nasal cavity

Our research proposal will explore the unified airway theory and determine whether the sinuses express biological similarities to the lungs in participants who only clinically present with Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS)or asthma and not with both diseases. The unified airway theory suggests that the lower (lungs) and upper (sinuses) airways are intrinsically connected and function together as one unit and the biological processes, such as inflammation, in the lower airway are similar in the upper airway.

Investigating the role of bacteria in abdominal pain and chronic constipation.

The bacteria living in our gastrointestinal system, the gut microbiome, play a key role in human health and disease. Multiple studies demonstrated altered gut microbiome in patients with constipation or abdominal pain but knowledge of a clear cause-effect relationship or underlying mechanism are lacking. We found previously that microbiota from patients with irritable bowel syndrome induces altered gut function, low-grade inflammation and abdominal pain.

What Matters

Nurses and care workers have long struggled to provide high quality care for people with dementia. Struggling to connect is one of the main causes of responsive behaviours and staff injuries within hospitals and long term care homes. Staff must be empowered to deliver individualized care with a focus on what matters to the older person. Our objective is to develop a mobile app called “WhatMatters” to equip the staff with the tools needed to deliver individualized care to people with dementia.

Targeting a complement serine protease in vascular disease

In spite of major advances in our knowledge and better treatments, heart attacks, strokes and blood clots in the legs and lungs, continue to major causes of disability and death. Recent studies reveal that a protein (a so-called "serine protease") in our blood, when increased, may heighten the risk of excess blood clot formation in our blood vessels. Our studies are designed to determine how this protein works, and if by blocking its activity, we can prevent excess blood clotting. Our research program may uncover a more effective way to prevent blood vessel disease.

Are playgrounds really for everyone? Disabled children’s experiences at playgrounds designed for inclusion

negative attitudes toward disability. To address the exclusion that disabled children and their families often experience on playgrounds, inclusive playground initiatives have become increasingly common, promising accessibility, fun, and belonging for kids and families. Despite the advancement in inclusive playground design, there is recent research evidence to suggest that disabled children and their families continue to face mistreatment and exclusion at playgrounds.

Developing a standardized, commercially viable and scalable Software-as-a-Service model which can be customized for customer retention, acquisition, and monetization using predefined adaptation strategies

Apps, mobile games, cloud based services have become ubiquitous and integral to our daily lives. These apps, although free to use, can be expensive to produce and make money either through ads or in-app or program purchases. Companies developing these services have to make software that are not only easy to use and attractive, but also integrate money making attributes without affecting user experience, thereby building a loyal user base.

Development and preclinical evaluation of R-Sulforaphane-based therapeutics in treatment of chronic kidney disease

R-Sulforaphane (R-SFN) is a naturally occurring phytochemical that can be found in most of cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and kale. R-SFN has been shown in many research studies holding therapeutic promise for many chronic diseases. We propose to develop more advanced methodologies to product, purify and formulate R-SFN. We also propose to evaluate the therapeutic effect and safety profile of R-SFN in treating chronic kidney disease (CKD) in a rat model.