Establishment, characterization, and directed differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells for the improved treatment and understanding of pediatric brain tumors

Brain tumors occur in one out of each four children diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, these kids are less likely to survive their disease than those diagnosed with blood cancers. The kids that do survive brain cancer often suffer from side effects of treatment, which can hamper their ability to succeed later in life. Thus, the greatest challenges facing a child with a brain tumor are: (1) the detection and successful treatment of their disease; and (2) the protection of their future quality of life.

Obesity Research

The goal of this study is to look at the effects of healthy lifestyle on obesity status in men who are middle aged, slightly overweight and don’t exercise. This study will use exercise and nutrition guidelines to look at their effect on some of the hormones which maintain healthy body weight. Subjects enrolled in this research will engage in healthy eating and exercise training for 3 months as well as have various tests during the study to see how you change during this period of time.

Exploring appropriate business models for establishment of water quality monitoring service in Newfoundland and Labrador

The private water sources of the remote rural communities in Newfoundland and Labrador are under constant threat from multiple contaminations, however, there is no existing affordable and accessible laboratory facility available to monitor those water samples. Previous studies highlighted the serious long-term health and economic implications of the hidden contaminations. Therefore, there is an urgent need to establish a laboratory and/or network, in order to identify the potential health risks and to take corrective measures.

Define the best omega-3 fatty acid to fight prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the more common cancer affected men in developed countries. Epidemiological data suggest that omega-3 fatty acids may prevent prostate cancer initiation and progression. However, these data do not decipher which omega-3 fatty acid presents the more potent anticancer properties. SCF Pharma has developed pure and highly bioavailable omega-3 fatty acids monoglycerides. Interestingly, data from SCF Pharma showed that these pure monoglycerides form of fatty acids can reduce the growth and the proliferation rate of prostate cancer cells in culture.

Validating RSK as a molecular target for the treatment of cancer

Relapses in cancer usually result in the tumour becoming resistant to chemotherapy. This leaves a treatment gap that needs to be filled for these patients. One such cancer is triple negative breast cancer, this type of breast cancer is very aggressive with a high death rate. Dr. Sandra Dunn’s research group want to find new drug targets which we can then find drug inhibitors to use in cancer treatment. One such drug target is the protein RSK, this protein has been implicated in causing drug resistance and giving patients expressing this protein in their tumours a poor prognosis.

A Study of the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Pediatric Medulloblastoma Mediated By YB-1

Medulloblastoma is the most common form of pediatric brain cancer with a five-year survival rate of approximately 70%, yet for some children’s survival is as low as 40%. Many of the treatment options for these patients may be effective in extending the five-year survival rate, however, quality of life issues still persist for these young patients including learning and developmental deficits. These side effects arise from damage to normal tissue in the developing brain by surgery and/or drug and radiation therapy.

Investigating the feasibility of and the implementation of pre-implantation genetic testing at Atlantic Assisted Reproductive Therapies

Atlantic Assisted Reproduction Therapies (AART) is the primary facility located in the Atlantic Provinces capable of assisting reproductively challenged couples. Fertility Pharmacy Services(FPS) is an onsite subsidiary of AART. AART offers a wide range of services, however, AART currently does not have the capacity to assist individuals who require preimplantation genetic testing. Clients who require such genetic testing include persons with known genetic conditions and/or individuals who have suffered repeated miscarriages.

Investigation into the role of YB-1 in childhood sarcomas

Metastatic tumors are a major concern in childhood cancer and the single most prominent cause of patient mortality. Metastasis is a complex process involving several cellular processes, each of which involves numerous extra and intracellular events. Therapeutic targeting strategies are hampered by a large degree of redundancy in the systems controlling metastatic behaviour and by the lack of specific markers associated with tumor dissemination.

Local delivery of biologically active peptides to correct curve progression in a mouse model of EOS

Early onset scoliosis (EOS) leads to severe, progressive three dimensional deformity of the spine in growing children, which is corrected either by external bracing or surgical placement of rods adjacent to the spine. Mice deficient in signaling through the type three fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR3-/-) develop scoliosis by four weeks, which worsens progressively with age. The mice therefore represent a unique resource to investigate biologic non-surgical treatments to slow the progression of spine curvature.

The Healthy Body Scorecard: A new health screening tool for Canadian

Building off of the original Healthy Bodies Scorecard project, this research aims to test the newly developed Healthy Body Scorecard tool and provide evidence of its usefulness. We will distribute the draft of the scorecard along with a feedback questionnaire for health care practitioners (HCP’s) targeting those who work with typically developing children as well as those with experience working with children with disabilities.