Mapping blood brain barrier permeability- towards a novel biomarker for psychiatric disorders

Research into brain diseases has until recently focused on neurons, but in the last several decades, blood vessels have taken a new spotlight. When blood vessels are damaged, substances can leak from the blood into the brain. Such leak can affect memory and mental health, but surprisingly, its impact on psychiatric disorders has yet to be studied in detail, largely due to lack of technology to map leaky blood vessels in living patients.

Cold plasma therapy as adjuvant to radiotherapy for breast cancer treatment

The goal of this research is to improve breast cancer local control and reduce treatment side effects by demonstrating that a new cold plasma technology, which generates locally specific reactive oxygen species, has an additive positive treatment impact when combined with conventional radiotherapy. This project has the potential to enable a Canadian technology, to become an adjuvant for radiotherapy.

Feasibility and Impact of Delivering Supervised Worker, Occupation, and Environment Health and Wellness Services to Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms: A Response to the Wells Inquiry

The project is feasibility and impact exploration of delivering supervised worker, occupation, and environment health and wellness services to offshore oil and gas platforms. Participants are engaged in a detail study to provide useful results that can serve as a response to the Wells Inquiry.

Validation of a Metabolite Profile for Diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is caused by changes in the wall of the blood vessels of the legs that make them narrow and stiff. The main causes of PAD are atherosclerosis and smoking. Unlike many other diseases, there is no blood test that is capable of detecting PAD. Instead, persons have to be referred by their doctor and they must go to a specialized clinic where an hour long ankle-brachial (ABI) test is performed.
Koven wants to develop a simple and reliable blood test that can detect PAD.

Factors Related to Braille Acquisition Among Adult and Senior Learners: Establishing Evidence-Based Practice

The ability to read carries important implications for overall self-esteem and independence, as reading is necessary to perform many daily tasks (making grocery lists, reading prescriptions, following recipes). Rehabilitation professionals provide training and support to adults and seniors who are born with visual impairments or who acquire it later in life due to age-related conditions. Within this context, reading related difficulties are among the most common reasons for referral to vision rehabilitation services.

An investigation into the psychometric properties of patient-oriented measures in frailty and dementia - Year Two

Patient centred measures can facilitate better health outcome$ by focusing on symptoms considered important to the patient. Goal attainment scaling (GAS), a system of goal setting which places the emphasis on the symptoms of individual patients, has been utftlzed In dementia research. However, It Ia unclear whether GAS Is atilt sensitive to symptom changes (responsiveness) when patients set one goal Instead of the recommended three or more goals.


Extracellular nucleotides can favour inflammatory diseases via the activation of P2 receptors. The proinflammatory P2Y6 is the dominant nucleotide receptor in human and murine intestinal epithelial cells (IEC) and its expression increases during inflammation. Interestingly, we found that the blockade of P2Y6 totally prevented inflammation in the murine DSS model. This project will show whether and how the blockade of P2Y6 signaling in IEC can reduce, or even prevent, mucosal inflammation.

Evaluation of interventions for improving maternal, newborn, and child health outcomes: Systematic literature reviews and network meta-analyses

Poor nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, and infectious diseases during pregnancy and early childhood can lead to poor growth and development that can be everlasting negative effects on the child. A large number of clinical trials have been conducted, but as many interventions have not been compared against each other, it is unclear what interventions are effective and should be provided over different life stages of the child.

Assessing cognitive load in cochlear implant users through short-term storage of speech

Cochlear implants are surgical implanted devices that allow deaf people to recover some form of hearing and understand speech, but current devices are limited, and the consequences of these limitations have not been fully explored. For example, there is a growing consensus that hearing loss interacts with cognitive systems. Yet, relatively little is known about the cognitive burden of CI users.

Advanced Materials and Technologies for Medical Imaging Detectors and Techniques

The proposed Mitacs program will provide internships for six graduate (thesis-based MSc and PhD) students, and two Post-Doctoral Fellows (PDFs) in a competitive R&D environment at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute (TBRHRI) – Canada’s newest health research institute. Interns will be involved in research projects which aim to develop and commercialize the next generation of customized detectors to improve medical imaging applications, which are chosen on the basis of the demands of the healthcare system and commercial opportunities developed in the TBRHRI.