Rural community sustainability research program at the Applied Research and Innovation Center – Selkirk College

This proposed rural community sustainability research program at the Rural Development Institute (RDI) aims to collectively address and support rural issues through research. The main themes surround sustainable economic development and diversification, climate resiliency, environmental protection, and sustainable community indicators for development and prosperity. Economic development and diversification will entail collaboration between different scales of human organization and stakeholders concerning economic projections, and models to help combat future rural community issues.

Improvisation and Dramaturgy: an adaptive and embodied approach to theory and research in dance

This important relationship between Mile Zero Dance and the Drama Department at the University of Alberta has been growing over the last ten years through performance and research collaborations between Gerry Morita (MZD) and Lin Snelling (Associate Professor University of Alberta). MZD wishes to address a new series of objectives through inviting Thea Patterson to engage with Mile Zero Dance as a performer, dramaturg, and facilitator for seminars and workshops.

Analysis of the cryptocurrency market microstructure: role of smart order routing

Over the recent years, cryptocurrencies have attracted tremendous amount of attention from both general public and professional investors as a new asset class. However, trading activities of cryptocurrencies are extremely fragmented and unregulated in most of countries around the world. The proposed research project aims to empirically study the microstructure of cryptocurrency exchanges in order to gain insight on what elements are needed to improve the market. In particular, the proposed research focuses on the potential role of smart order router (SOR).

Effect of topsoil replacement depth and amendments on wellsite reclamation success in northeastern Alberta

Topsoil is vital to the revegetation success of land affected by oil and gas wellsites and borrow pits. Therefore, the Government of Alberta’s guidelines require that 80% of the topsoil is replaced during revegetation. However, finding topsoil to meet the guidelines is challenging in cases where topsoil was not salvaged during excavation and where salvaged topsoil has been lost during storage and handling.

Public Perceptions on Shared Micromobility

As shared micromobility services (e.g., e-bikes, public bike shares, e-scooters) expand, there are uncertainties in how these will integrate with our current transportation systems. This project aims to examine public perceptions of micromobility in Metro Vancouver to understand the potential for shared micromobility in the region. Using surveys, focus groups, and case studies we ask: Who are the potential users of shared micromobility? What are the barriers and facilitators for use of micromobility? What is the potential for integration with transit services?

Measuring the effectiveness of a novel treatment of Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis: the ArmLock sleeve.

Lateral epicondylitis is a common source of lateral elbow pain and causes restrictions in performance during daily activities as the pain increases with wrist and hand movements. It is necessary to explore new treatments that decrease the symptoms of lateral epicondylitis. We aim to investigate the effects of a new non-surgical treatment (the ArmLock Sleeve) on pain, movement, and performance in daily activities in adults diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis. We also want to investigate the acceptance of the ArmLock Sleeve by the study participants.

An Investigation into the viability of Porcupine Crab-based Food Products

Porcupine Crab (Neolithodes grimaldii) is harvested off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador and in the eastern Arctic as a by-catch in deep water during the turbot fishery. Its dark red color and long sharp spines make handling and processing very difficult. Preliminary experiments have shown that quality crab meat products can be produced from porcupine crab however no commercial fishery, processing procedures or markets, have been established.

A randomized control trial comparing weight loss effects between the Keyto virtual “ketogenic diet” program compared to a standard-care weight loss app

Over 60% of overweight or obese individuals attempt weight loss diets each year. Although many different dietary approaches can lead to weight loss, increasing evidence suggests that a very low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet may have superior metabolic and weight loss effects. However, any diet is only as effective as adherence to it and adherence requires effective self-monitoring.

Handheld Histories: Collecting, Modding, and Playing the Portable Platform

Thirty years after its landmark 1989 release, Nintendo?s Game Boy and its long line of successors continue to capture the imagination of thousands of players who harbor a nostalgic attraction to the technologies of their youth. Montreal-based Retro Modding has developed a profitable business modifying (or ?modding?) old video game handhelds and selling them alongside tools and parts for do-it-yourself projects. These alterations combine today?s expectations for consumer electronics (like backlights and rechargeable batteries) with the iconic form factors of early handhelds.

Requirements management and lab testing of optical breadboard hardware for satellite systems

Using simplified language understandable to a layperson; provide a general, one-paragraph description of the proposed research project to be undertaken by the intern(s) as well as the expected benefit to the partner organization. (100 - 150 words) A series of Mitacs interns will be testing the capability of a range of sub-components and prototype systems to meet the performance requirements for an optical satellite communications terminal for deployment on low-earth orbit.