Development of Neurofeedback Algorithms Supporting Concentration and Subjective Well-Being

We live in an age of distraction and mind-wandering, which has been broadly linked to greater levels of unhappiness, suggesting that many of us might benefit from mindfulness training that allows us to better control our attention. Interaxon Inc. has developed a potentially breakthrough solution to this problem in a device that measures brain activity to facilitate mindfulness attentional training at home. However, there still remain major barriers toward the popularization of this new technology.

Projet pilote : adaptation de la plateforme Inpowr à une population d’adolescents et de jeunes adultes avec un trouble psychiatrique

Le présent projet répond à la nécessité de développer des outils visant l’autonomisation et l’amélioration de la santé générale des jeunes atteints de pathologies chroniques. À cet effet, la plateforme Inpowr est un espace web qui permet de jauger son bien-être personnel par l’entremise de questions générales, de se fixer des buts précis, des comportements à modifier ou adopter dans sa vie pour améliorer son bien-être et sa santé.

Integration of socio-physiological sensors to estimate team functional state in mobile command and control

Teams in crisis management operate in uncertainty and time pressure conditions, which severely constrain team performance. Systems capable of detecting critical levels of cognitive functioning could help teams to adapt better to the situation they face by allowing an intelligent re-allocation of tasks across agents. Traditionally, adaptive systems are based on the operator behavioral response (such as performance).

Contextual Momentary Assessments of the Auditory Environment by Wearers of Hearing Aids

We would like to investigate the use of hearing aids in real life environments. Retrospective questionnaires are often subject to memory errors and recall biases. In order to obtain more accurate momentary evaluations of sound and noise, our proposed research involves asking participants to complete real-time evaluations in the laboratory and in their everyday environments. The momentary assessments will be recorded using a mobile evaluation tool.

Factors that Promote the Effectiveness of Internships for Internationally Qualified Professionals

This project will explore factors that contribute to the benefits of internships for internationally qualified professionals in terms of improving these essential immigrants' integration into the Canadian labour market. The project involves a partnership between Career Edge (a non-profit organization that arranges paid internships for internationally qualified professionals and Canadian individuals), the University of Western Ontario and York University, and will utilize an online survey and follow-up interviews to achieve its goals.

Developmental Evaluation of the STAR Recovery Centre

This research project centres on a new recovery centre for vulnerable adults with complex mental health and addictions issues in Toronto. Recovery is an approach to mental health that values person-centred care and self-direction. Recovery centres are educational centres, based in the community, that provide programs that help people live normal, meaningful lives in their communities. This research project will be an evaluation of the early stages of a recovery centre.

Effects of Probiotics on Anxiety and ADHD in Children

The Probiotics and Mental Health Research Lab in the Psychology Department at Acadia University is currently involved in exciting and innovative research examining the benefits that probiotics (a type of beneficial bacteria found in the human digestive tract as well as in certain foods) may provide to individuals living with psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD. While it is already well documented that probiotics promote good digestive health, less is known about the effects of probiotics on psychological health.

A Window into the Mind at a Price You Can Afford: Developing an Online and Offline Pupil-Size Analysis Plug-in

We will harness the power of Mirametrix eye-tracking technology to offer a viable means of probing internal mental processes that were previously intractable without more expensive or invasive techniques. Through the innovative application of popular statistical methods and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, we will produce a software plug-in capable of online and offline pupil size analysis.

Continuing an Evaluation of the Skills for Safer Living Program by Developing and Testing an Outcomes Evaluation Measure

The proposed research project is an evaluation of the outcomes of a suicide prevention program, Skills for Safer Living (SFSL). The program is an intervention that targets individuals with a high risk of suicide as indicated by multiple prior suicide attempts. SFSL has been adapted from a previous program that has shown positive outcomes, but an evaluation of SFSL outcomes has yet to be done.

Exploring the digital divide: The use of digital tools in Ontario public schools

Governments around the world are investing to bridge the “digital divide,” which refers to the gap among populations in terms of ability to access digital tools and the Internet. This effort is especially evident in public schools, because education has been identified as one contributing factor of the divide. Thus, it is of great public interest to investigate whether schools are providing enough opportunities for youth to engage with ICT as an effort to bridge the digital divide. This proposed research seeks to develop a deeper understanding of ICT use in Ontario’s public schools.