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invested in the last 10 years


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professional skills courses

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training participants
Managing Innovation
Managing Innovation

An innovation strategy starts

with innovative management

As a manager, you understand innovation
and you’re prepared to take the risk.

At Mitacs, we can help guide you on that journey.

An idea is just the beginning

Innovation is intrinsic to building Canadian businesses, but achieving success involves more than just having a great idea — research and development, financing, recruiting talent, scaling operations and, most important, managing all those processes are vital, interconnected components to progress, profit and prosperity.

Putting all those elements into place can be a big task for even the most seasoned manager. Whether your role is C-suite, R&D, finance or running a project day-to-day it’s important your focus is on both the destination and the journey. 

Canada ranked #1 in the world in # of innovative firms in a 2019 survey by OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

Lead the way with Mitacs

From assessing your needs to accessing and recruiting skilled talent from post-secondary institutions across Canada and abroad, Mitacs’s 20-plus years of experience in the innovation ecosystem have led to thousands of successful collaborations between industry and academia. Our business development experts help companies find, implement and manage top-tier research interns, which allows business leaders to focus on their primary objective: taking ground-breaking ideas to the next level.

83.5 percent of Canadian medium-size enterprises and 78.3 percent of small businesses reported pursuing innovation.

Your key benefits

Tap into a national research network

Leverage your R+D or Innovation budget

Reduce the risk of accessing and hiring research expertise

Success Stories


Mitacs biotech intern Eloy Jose Garcia teamed with Agriculture Canada and Fanshawe College researchers to tap into an innovative solution for a costly maple-syrup production problem.
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Mitacs Elevate postdoctoral fellow Mahdiyeh Hasani pivots her research from UV sanitization of fresh produce to help Clean Works develop a new machine that decontaminates N95 masks.
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Your innovation vision
requires strong leadership and Mitacs can help.
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