Submit no later than January 23, 2019 (5 p.m. PT)


Applicant Information


* Downloadable Pre-assessment form (docx)





Using simplified language understandable to a layperson, provide a general, one-paragraph description of the proposed research project to be undertaken by the intern(s) as well as the expected benefit to the partner organization. (100–150 words)



Relationship with Partner Organization


If the postdoctoral fellow answered yes to the above, they must complete the Conflict of Interest Declaration, and submit no later than January 23, 2019 (5:00 pm PDT) to COI must be received and resolved before submission of proposals.

If the academic supervisor answered yes to the above, please provide a copy of your approved academic institution’s conflict of interest declaration or other appropriate documentation such as a letter or email from your Dean, with your application.



NOTE: After submission of an Intent to Apply, you should receive an e-mail from Mitacs Elevate acknowledging receipt. If you do not receive this within 48 hours of your submission, please contact us at elevate(at)