Mitacs Logo


The Mitacs logo is protected by trademark and may be used only by official partners (including interns, fellows, professors, companies, organizations, universities, and governments) to:

  1. Recognize Mitacs’s funding, or 
  2. Recognize a partnership with Mitacs

The following logos are available for download: 

If you have questions, require other file types, or would like to request permission for other uses, email one of the media contacts below.

Logo guidelines

  • Use a high-resolution version to prevent pixelization
  • Do not stretch, rotate, or distort the logo
  • Do not crop the logo too close to its edges
  • Do not alter the appearance of the logo, including: changing the colour of the logo or background; adding text within the logo’s white space; adding drop shadows, gradients, or other elements.



Media contact

Jacqueline Mason
Director, Communications
514-247-0542 |
Monique Rodrigues
Senior Communications Specialist
604-347-6837 |