Assessment of impacts of upstream developments and climate change on Carp River Watershed

There are plans for residential/commercial/industrial developments in upstream sections of Carp River Watershed (CRW). This will have impacts on the quantity and quality of the river water downstream as well as the sediment loads. In addition, due to climate change it is expected that both quantity and quality of the Carp River will deviate from the norms. Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) is in charge of managing and protecting Carp River Watershed.

Three-dimensional simulation of Mississippi Lake for water quality management

Water quality concerns, such as algae blooms, are common in many aquatic systems across the country. Increasing development along waterfront properties and climate change are leading stressors causing poor water quality. In this project, an intern will apply a three-dimensional computer model to help understand how these stressors are contributing to poor water in Mississippi Lake, through a partnership between Queen’s University, the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and the Mississippi Lake Association.