Ecology of sitatunga in Uganda

Trophy hunting, while a controversial issue in the developed world, is an important management strategy by wildlife management agencies across the equator. Due to negative public opinions, trophy hunting outfitters are under increased scrutiny to demonstrate that hunting has no detrimental effects on animal populations. To this end, we are embarking upon research into the size and extent of the sitatunga population on the Mayanja River in Uganda, which is part of the hunting concession managed by Uganda Wildlife Safaris.

Biogeochemical stability of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Alluvial Sediment from an Active Coal Mine

Water contamination from mining activities is a global problem, damaging many freshwater ecosystems. This water, which can seep into the natural environment is high in heavy metals and can be very acidic. Options for treating this water can be very expensive or impractical for many of these contaminated sites, which can include abandoned mines. A new, inexpensive way of treating this water is being studied by CRL Energy in New Zealand, using mussel shells, a waste product itself from the food industry.

A new method for educational assessment: measuring association via LOC index

Our objective is to develop the new technics, based on the pioneers’ work, especially the Qoyyimi and Zitikis’s (2015) extension, which can have a good performance on measuring some kinds of relationship between students’ marks of subjects. In order to understand the relationship between students’ marks on different study subjects, many studies apply some kinds of indices, such as the Pearson correlation to measuring association between variables of interest in a variety of research areas, including education. We do some extension on this route.

Norway and Canada to collaborate on R&D internships

Ottawa, ON — Mitacs, a Canadian not-for-profit research and training organization, and the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) signed an agreement creating opportunities for graduate students from both countries to participate in industrial research internships.

Mitacs releases Target 10,000: Talent, Ideas, Networks, a five-year strategic plan

Vancouver, BC — Mitacs, a national not-for-profit research and training organization, has released a new five-year strategic plan. Target 10,000: Talent, Ideas, Networks follows an extensive engagement process with stakeholders in academia, industry, the not-for-profit sector, and government, and reflects Mitacs’ commitment to enhancing innovation in Canada.

Development of an ATR-FTIR based method for detection of milk adulteration

Milk adulteration is a very common practice in the field of dairy production in certain countries, where different methods are used to adulterate milk. Such methods vary in their sophistication from simply adding water to using different chemicals such as urea and melamine, which usually countervail the effects of adding water on indices used to measure certain characteristics (e.g., lowering freezing point, or mimicking protein content) of milk like freezing point value and protein content to detect the addition of water.

A New Method of Measuring Soot Compositions in Aerosols

Particulate matter emitted from combustion engines is a problem due to negative health effects, effect on climate, and reduction of visibility. Soot is a type of particulate matter that is of particular concern to climate scientists and automobile manufacturers. Previously, it was difficult to measure the amount of material that is not black carbon on soot particles. This project will utilize advances in aerosol science to quickly and accurately measure the percent of material that is not black carbon on soot particles.

Simulation numérique de la chauffe surfacique de cylindres en superalliage pour modifier les microstructures et créer des gradients de propriétés

L’amélioration des performances des pièces structurales pour l’aéronautique demande de d’optimiser le comportement spécifique de chaque région des pièces fabriquées au besoin spécifique de celle-ci. C’est ce que l’on entend par conception de gradient de propriétés fonctionnelles. Une des voies proposée est l’introduction de gradient de microstructure et de propriétés au sein des pièces, et cela grâce à la création de gradients contrôlés de températures à la surface des pièces lors de traitements thermiques.

Assessing alternative rooting matrices for growth of plants in hydroponic systems

Urban agriculture using hydroponic systems is gaining increasing popularity. However, popular organic (ground coconut husks, clay pellets) and inorganic (rockwool) rooting matrices used in supporting the plant root structure during the growth cycle are facing considerable challenges. Rockwool is non-biodegradable, produces dust in enclosed spaces and has a high pH thereby requiring pre-treatment before use. On the other hand, organic rooting matrices either retain too much water (drowning the plants) or drain too quickly (drying out the roots).

Biogas Production using Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion with Compressed Gas Mixing in a Mixed Plug Flow Digester

The project will be taking in agricultural waste sources to produce biogas. Biogas after being purified is equivalent to the natural gas supplied by your local utility. The core of the research will be to investigate methods to speed up gas production for a given waste input and increase gas extraction. The production will be sped up by controlling the temperature at a higher point and the extraction will be increased by recirculating the produced gas into the biomass to unsettle and release trapped pockets of gas.