Yahoo News: Canadian student's discovery could prevent cancer and HIV

Caitlin Miron has found something huge: A week ago she was honoured for discovering a chemical compound with the ability to prevent cancer growth, but it could also have significant applications in halting the spread of HIV, too. In an exclusive interview with Yahoo Canada News, the Ontario PhD student revealed why her discovery could be more far-reaching — for everything from HIV to Zika — than originally reported.

CBC Home Run: McGill nursing student's cancer research wins award

Justine Behan, a graduate student from the Ingram School of Nursing at McGill, netted a Mitacs Award for her research aimed at improving the lives of children living with cancer in India.

Bounds on LDPC codes

Quantum circuit components will always be unreliable. To protect quantum information from becoming corrupted, we require quantum error correcting codes. The drawback is that quantum error correcting codes necessitate a trade-off – the better the code protects information, the more resources it requires to be sustained. Our current resource estimates to construct useful quantum circuits seem insurmountable.It was recently shown that if a certain class of error correcting codes, called quantum LDPC codes, were to exist, then they could potentially lower resource requirements significantly.

Scale Up of the Circulating Fluizied Bed Bioreactor for Municipal Wastewater Treatment

The project will focus on the development and installation of a modification to convert existing biological wastewater treatment systems (particularly, activated sludge and similar processes) to circulating fluidized bed bioreactors (CFBBR). The CFBBR has already been proven on the lab and pilot scale to have higher nutrient removal efficiencies and greater handling of high volumetric loadings. Following the installation, the enhanced removal efficiencies will be tested.

Exploring livelihood change in upland rural Hmong villages in Maguan County, Yunnan, China

My Master’s thesis will investigate how ethnic minority livelihoods, specifically those of ethnic minority Hmong (Miao) , have changed in rural Southwestern China over the last 20 years. Hmong communities have traditionally made their livelihoods around household based semi-subsistence agricultural production, based primarily on rice or maize. However, new state policies, technologies, and opportunities are changing the means by which Hmong individuals and households are making ends meet.

Deployment of wireless sensor networks for air pollution monitoring

Air pollution is one of the main environmental applications where Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are widely used. Using WSN for air pollution monitoring usually targets two main applications: 1) regular mapping and 2) the detection of high pollution concentrations. Both of these applications need a careful deployment of sensors in order to get better knowledge of air pollution.

Lattice Boltzmann modeling of moving boundaries

The mechanisms of sound production in single-reed woodwind instruments and human voices are not yet fully understood. Numerical simulations provide a feasible way to model and better characterize their sound production systems. However, there remains a problem in simulating the movement of vibrating reeds or vocal folds (i.e. a moving boundary), especially when the channel between the reed and mouthpiece or the two vocal folds gets very narrow or completely closes.

Pyrolysis of Rice Husks and Analysis of Biochar and Bio-oil

This project focuses on the pyrolysis of rice husks and the analysis of the resulting products, including biochar and bio-oil. Pyrolysis is the decomposition of organic matter under high heat in the absence of oxygen. This project examines the pyrolysis of rice husks. Rice husks account for 20% of the entire weight of the grain. Currently, many rice producers perform uncontrolled burning to dispose of the rice husks due to the high cost of transportation for proper disposal.

Ottan Thullal: A Vanishing Indian Preforming Art

In satisfaction of my PhD dissertation at McGill University, I intend to conduct both archival and field research on Ottan Thullal, a classical art form from Kerala, India. This surviving art form embodies an intangible cultural heritage which is on the verge of disappearing from the historical record. This dissertation aims to trace the historical origins of Ottan Thullal and document the knowledge of its few practitioners. This performance tradition combines dance with music and poetry written in the Malayalam language.

Real-time fault diagnosis and prediction in structures under earthquake excitation

A large number of civil engineering structures in North America have long survived their expected service life. As they continue to age, there is a significant demand to minimize damage under severe environmental impacts such as earthquake. The main objective of this project is to develop and validate vibration-based monitoring and control strategies using modern sensing technologies.