Comparative analysis of reliability-surrogate measures using an ensemble of realistic water distribution networks

To evaluate the reliability of a water distribution system, surrogate measures are commonly used because of its easy computation and intuitive behavior. Some recent researchers have acknowledge the need to identify correlations between these indexes in order to select the ones that may be measuring similar properties of the networks and therefore are not adding further knowledge on how to make the systems more reliable.

Coherence of discourse of individuals with mild cognitive impairment: Relationships between language and memory.

The objective of this study is to uncover the relationship between cognitive deterioration and language performance in populations with dementia. The method used for this protocol does not require that words and grammar be taken into consideration but rather investigates coherence of discourse, which has the potential to be applied to studies of languages other than English with minimal need for adaptation of the test due to linguistic restrictions.

Impact of a rehabilitation program on EMG-EMG coherence in stroke patients

This research project regards the rehabilitation programs of stroke patients, and how to improve the understanding of their effectiveness. Although it is recognized that rehabilitation programs help stoke patients with motor recovery, the extent and progression of raw neural adaptation over the rehabilitation process often remains invisible to the physiotherapist, despite the presence of biomedical tools (EMG, EEG, etc) available that can combat said invisibility.

An Antarctic NO3 isotope record spanning the last millenium

Nitrate is a major contaminant of modern groundwater and terrestrial ecosystems. It is also involved in the generation and destruction of nitrogen bearing greenhouse gasses. In order to assess how nitrate is cycled in the Earth surface environment, as well as in recent Earth history , it requires the generation of pristine records that record behavior of the nitrogen cycle. This project is unique in that it entails generating a 1000-year record of the isotopes of nitrogen and oxygen trapped in an ice core recovered from East Antarctic.

Surveillance of the antibiotic resistance genes in Vibrio parahemolyticus

Vibrio parahemolyticus represents the most rapidly increasing foodbourne illness encountered in foods. Whereas cases of more commonly encountered pathogen such as Salmonella have remained static, those associated with Vibrio have increased over the last 20 years. Part of the increased incidence is due to better diagnostics but also warming of sea via climate change have also been highlighted.
In the proposed project, we will investigate the prevalence and drug resistance of Vibrio isolates from seafood.

Sustainable Food Systems for Future Cities: The Potential of Urban Agriculture from a Case Study in Nanjing, China

Urbanization is increasing rapidly worldwide, predominantly in developing countries, and thus becoming an issue in addressing food security. In addition to the conflict between sustaining rural agricultural production and the rapid consumption of land by growing urban activities, agricultural areas within or around cities are also being transformed. This is creating a need for diverse and responsive food systems.

Plurilingual Competence and Language Practice in English for Academic Purposes

Research in second language education has raised an overarching question regarding what kind of language practice that should be in the place to respond to the changing global landscape of higher education. Though the notion of plurlingual competence has gained increasing attention in recent years, there has been scarce literature focusing on (and comparing) educators’ and students’ perceptions of language choice/practice in academic English teaching and learning from the perspectives of plurilingualism in the Chinese context. My research will address this gap.

Investigation of LDPE/LLDPE blends foaming behavior based on the high-pressure rheology

Rheology is the branch of physics that deals with the deformation and flow of matter, especially the non-Newtonian flow of liquids and the plastic flow of solids, which is very important in the foaming process. Currently, the rheology of a pure polymer is mainly used to characterize the foamability of polymers. However, the processing conditions, such as high pressure and blowing agent dissolution, exert a significant effect on the rheology. Thus, the investigation of the rheology under the practical conditions is critical for a better understanding of the process and its optimization.

Experimental Validation of an Offshore Wind Turbine Control-Oriented Model and Advanced Contoller Implementation

Our laboratory has developed an improved model of large scale offshore wind turbines systems for controller design. This model captures all the important dynamics involved in the system such as the 3 dimensional motion, wave disturbance and wind effects, allowing to design advanced control techniques to enhance the efficacy of the wind turbines and increase their lifespan. The project consists on the experimental validation of this model.

Ammonia nitrogen removal from melamine wastewater by biological fluidized bed

The purpose of the research project to be performed at the Zhejiang University of Technology is the study of the hydraulic characteristics associated with removal of ammonia nitrogen and chemical oxygen demand (COD) from wastewater treated in an anaerobic-aerobic fluidized bed. Most of the current biological denitrification processes are performed by some form of biological method but are only suitable for removal of relatively low ammonia nitrogen concentrations due to the requirement of an appropriate carbon to nitrogen ratio.