Doubly-resonant sum frequency generation studies of rhodamine 6G films

The potential for solar cells as renewable energy sources is increasingly recognized as better devices come to the market. It has been recognized that the use of organic dyes as sensitizers can greatly enhance their performance. As a result, there has been an increased effort to develop new dye-sensitized materials for more efficient light harvesting. In order to optimize the conversion of solar energy into electricity, the surface orientation and conformation of the dye is a critical aspect of its performance.

Expert Gestures for Multi-touch Interaction

Modern smartphones and tablets, and many notebook computers rely on multitouch interaction to augment keyboard and mouse input. Multi-touch gestures typically consists of taps and swipes - simple gestures that don't exploit the full range of technical and human capabilities. In earlier work, we determined that users are willing to learn expert-level gestures, but often find them difficult to discover and challenging to learn without formal training.

Moving towards a more socially sustainable dairy system: Public attitudes to dairy system in Brazil

Animal welfare is a field of animal science that focuses on evaluating and bettering animal lives by investigating biological functioning, affective states, and ability to live naturally. Animal welfare is a measure that is emerging as a key social concern in animal agriculture and as a result, is becoming more prevalent in industry practices. Nonetheless, there is a significant disconnect between public expectations of animal welfare in dairy farming and actual practices that are occurring.

Controlled Passive Energy Management in Prosthetic Foot Components: Cosmetic Cover Design and Performance during Simulated Gait

There is a need for higher functioning prosthetic components available at a lower cost. The Niagara Foot™ is a low cost, high function energy return prosthetic device targeted towards developing regions. The system is comprised of keel and cover components developed through partnership of Niagara Prosthetics and Orthotics International (NPOI) and Queen’s University. A new collaboration being established with the National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids (NRRA), Beijing China, aims to develop a fabrication method for the foot system.


The student will work in a drinking water engineering research laboratory at the University of Toronto to explore an aspect related to the novel use of ultraviolet light and chlorine to destroy hard-to-treat contaminants in drinking water. Previous work by this lab has shown that this form of treatment can be effective, but it is important to determine whether there may be undesirable chemical by-products formed. The student will monitor for the potential formation of these by-products under a range of simulated treatment conditions.

Evaluating options for the experimental design of an integrated green roof and rainwater cistern

Green roof and water cistern technologies are increasingly becoming important components of sustainable building practices and urban water management. However, the two technologies are rarely designed as an integrated system. This goal of this project is develop an experimental design to test the reuse of cistern water for irrigation in green roofs. This experiment will be designed for the new research facilities of the Green Roof Innovation Testing Laboratory at the University of Toronto.

Measurement Verification And Modelling of W-Band Imager and Harvester

Beyond the spectrum of visible light lies a window of frequencies called the W-Band which illuminates a world normally unseen to the naked eye and can be the vessel for energy without wires. In order to see this world normally unseen, we have developed a unique circuit topology which has shown signs of truly state-of-the-art performance while consuming zero energy, occupying less area than the head of a sewing needle, and costing less than any of its competitors. Although promise has been shown by this new device, further investigation is demanded.

Drift wave turbulence in the presence of neoclassical forces

Hot plasmas are common throughout the universe, and generally exist in highly turbulent states. Turbulence, and the related anomalous (turbulent) transport, remains a great challenge of classical physics. This poses a substantial issue for the understanding of fundamental phenomena (magnetic dynamo, space and solar activity), and the development of efficient plasma devices (spacecraft thrusters, plasma processing devices, fusion reactors). The long-term objective of this research is to explain and predict the turbulent behavior and transport of magnetically confined fusion plasmas.

Investigating the involvement of sleep pathways in absence seizures

Absence seizures are the most common form of epilepsy in children. These patients often experience transient episodes of impaired consciousness, which have an enormous impact on their quality of life. We are proposing to identify the neural substrates for these seizures. These experiments would provide the basis of future experimental studies examining the biological basis of impaired consciousness and epilepsy, as well as be the first step towards evolving new pharmacologic or stimulation paradigms designed to control absence epilepsy.

The effects of culture on spontaneous use of spatial navigation strategies

Cultural neuroscience is based on the theory that different values and behavioral practices across cultures influence information processing as well as neural structures. More specifically, it has been proposed that individualistic Westerners have an increased sensitivity to process central objects; while interdependent East Asians based on their collectivist culture have a tendency to process information holistically with attention to contextual cues. In India, urbanization and economic growth has led to the coexistence of collectivist and individualistic framework.