Exploring Differences and Similarities in the Geography Curriculum

The main objective of my research project is to compare the Canadian Geography curriculum with the Geography curriculum in China within grades 7 and 8. Over the course of 3 months I will be able to analyze the major topics covered by the Chinese geography teachers, explore the resources available to students and analyze how those resources are used to teach grades 7 and 8. This research project will be carried out through observations of classrooms in China. Note taking and journal writing will be the main method of gathering data.

China English and its Role in the Differentiated Education of English Language Learners in Canada

This project will explore the dialect of China English at Southwest University in Chongqing, China. The research will attempt to connect the study of China English to the purpose of offering a more inclusive and comprehensive education for English language learning students in Canadian schools. The project will involve an observation of China English as present in oral and written forms across the Southwest University campus and in classrooms.

The Pedagogies and Perceptions of English Language Teachers in China

The overall objective of my research project is to examine the pedagogies and perceptions of English language teachers in China with the intent of comparing and contrasting them to those of French language teachers in Canada.

The use of drama in middle school classrooms to enhance learning

Drama is a unique and effective way to help students understand and retain information in the classroom. Studies have shown that drama can increase creativity, insight and retention (O’Hara, 1984, p. 314). Drama is especially useful when it is used cross-curricularly (educational lessons that cover more than one subject). My proposed research project will focus on how drama is used in classrooms in Chongqing, China. I am not necessarily focusing on specific drama classes but looking for how drama is used in “non-drama” subjects.

Cross-cultural perspectives and experiences of food addiction

Researchers have recently proposed the concept of food addiction, postulating that certain foods can provoke addictive symptoms, similar to drugs of abuse. Current understanding of food addiction is, however, limited by a paucity of qualitative research examining the validity of this construct, and of cross-cultural research examining how food addiction is experienced in non-Western societies. The present cross-cultural qualitative study will address these issues by comparing and contrasting experiences and definitions of food addiction between Brazilian and Canadian individuals.

Development of In-Situ Characterization tools for Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition System

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a popular tool for the deposition of thin film materials that are common in solar cells, sensors and display technologies. However, the need for a vacuum environment and slow material growth rates restricts ALD applicability in large scale commercial and industrial materials production. Atmospheric Pressure Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (AP-SALD or SALD) is a variant of ALD in which thin film materials are deposited without the need of a vacuum environment and with the added benefit of quicker deposition rates.

Doubly-resonant sum frequency generation studies of rhodamine 6G films

The potential for solar cells as renewable energy sources is increasingly recognized as better devices come to the market. It has been recognized that the use of organic dyes as sensitizers can greatly enhance their performance. As a result, there has been an increased effort to develop new dye-sensitized materials for more efficient light harvesting. In order to optimize the conversion of solar energy into electricity, the surface orientation and conformation of the dye is a critical aspect of its performance.

Expert Gestures for Multi-touch Interaction

Modern smartphones and tablets, and many notebook computers rely on multitouch interaction to augment keyboard and mouse input. Multi-touch gestures typically consists of taps and swipes - simple gestures that don't exploit the full range of technical and human capabilities. In earlier work, we determined that users are willing to learn expert-level gestures, but often find them difficult to discover and challenging to learn without formal training.

Moving towards a more socially sustainable dairy system: Public attitudes to dairy system in Brazil

Animal welfare is a field of animal science that focuses on evaluating and bettering animal lives by investigating biological functioning, affective states, and ability to live naturally. Animal welfare is a measure that is emerging as a key social concern in animal agriculture and as a result, is becoming more prevalent in industry practices. Nonetheless, there is a significant disconnect between public expectations of animal welfare in dairy farming and actual practices that are occurring.

Controlled Passive Energy Management in Prosthetic Foot Components: Cosmetic Cover Design and Performance during Simulated Gait

There is a need for higher functioning prosthetic components available at a lower cost. The Niagara Foot™ is a low cost, high function energy return prosthetic device targeted towards developing regions. The system is comprised of keel and cover components developed through partnership of Niagara Prosthetics and Orthotics International (NPOI) and Queen’s University. A new collaboration being established with the National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids (NRRA), Beijing China, aims to develop a fabrication method for the foot system.